Texas housing assistance programs.

Almost $6 million is government aid is being provided to the Rio Grande Valley are of Texas to help struggling families avoid eviction and the homeless. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced in total more than $1 billion dollars in grants for communities across the country. In total, the entire state of Texas is receiving $41 million dollars from this housing program, known as the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

There are a total of three Rio Grande Valley communities getting aid. They include :

Brownsville $1,347,839
Hidalgo County $3,463,905
McAllen $733,518

The assistance being offered provides various short- and medium-term financial assistance and aid to those families who would otherwise become homeless, as many people are struggling due to the sudden economic crisis. Find additional ways to get rent help.

Those who need help can get up to three months of what is known as shorter term rental assistance, up to 18 months of medium-term rental assistance, help with paying for security deposits, utility deposits, heating and utility bill payments, grants to pay for motel and hotel vouchers, and moving cost aid.

If you still do somehow lose your home, the Texas housing assistance program will also even pay for assistance to rapidly re-house you are the assistance ends. Both state and federal government officials said grants and payments will not be made directly to families and households, but the funds will be provided directly to third parties, such as the persons landlord, or directly to the utility company. Find more assistance programs in Texas. Continue.


Wichita Falls
Will be receiving about $600,000 in grant money to provide as rent help to residents. The aid is targeted at helping families that find themselves about to lose their homes or that may currently be homeless.






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