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Work with your creditors for help.

You need to pick up the phone and call each and every creditor that you need help paying. Almost all creditors, landlord, and third parties will work with customers to some extent. It is in their best interest. The reason being they do not want to see people go bankrupt. As if that happens, they have very little chance of being repaid. So most companies are more than willing to listen and talk to individuals. A few tips or steps to follow when talking to your creditors include:

Ask your creditors how much you need to pay them to resolve the bill

Calmly explain to them the reason you are behind on your bills and any hardships you are facing. Tell them how much you can pay now, and how much you can offer to pay going forward each month, and in the future. Be prepared to tell them what your other financial obligations are, such as rent, food, etc. You need to be honest to your personal and financial situation. Do not lie, and do not over or under promise in these discussions.

Many credit card creditors, medical providers, landlords and other creditors are very willing to work with you, give you a payoff amount, and probably also stop charging interest on your unpaid loans or debts. It is not in their interest to see someone go bankrupt or completely fail to pay as then they will receive nothing.

However, you need to call early

This is one of the keys. You need to talk to them before the bill gets out of hand or before you go without payment for too long. If you are behind on a mortgage or rent payment, credit card, or maybe a medical bill, all creditors will like that you are proactively calling them in order to ask for help paying bills and they are more often than not willing to help you with trying to get your bill paid. However, do be advised that not all creditors are going to be as helpful as others, but most are willing to work with you.

After discussions conclude

Hopefully they offer you more friendly payment terms. Even if they do, it is probably time to consolidate your bills. This will provide you even more opportunity to get back on track with your monthly payments, and will help you get your situation under control.

Also, look into speaking with credit counselors, who can offer you free advice, budgeting skills, and additional support. Talking to a counselor will help ensure you stay self sufficient over the long term and do not fall behind again.

By Jon McNamara

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