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Support services from St. Luke's Community House can help the less fortunate. The non-profit agency and its team of dedicated volunteers partner with the working poor and less fortunate. They will explore all short and long term solutions in Davidson County for preventing things such as a shut off of utilities or evictions. Other resources will help the underemployed gain new skills, or assist the vulnerable such as seniors and disabled with their needs.

The main assistance programs from the organization are noted below. Each is restricted to people of certain incomes and backgrounds. Whether it is help for an immigrant or senior citizen, or support for a single parent, the goal is to find help for their situation.

Assistance may be offered for paying utility bills. There are a few different options, ranging from payment plans to grants from federal government programs or cash assistance. Households applying for help must meet the income guidelines, have a notice of disconnection, and have the ability to sustain the service on their own in the future.

  • Applications to LIHEAP are available, and this will offer grants for electric and heating bills.
  • Limited funds for water or other utility bills may be provided directly by St. Luke's Community House.
  • Staff can help clients explore payment plans with their provider.
  • Assistance can be arranged so people can receive home heating fuels such as propane, fuel oil, wood and coal too.
  • Homeowners can explore free energy conservation education and federally funded weatherization programs.

More limited will help help for housing needs. The goal is to stop evictions or homelessness from occurring, but this can be expensive. So in some cases, staff from St. Luke's Community House can help the client apply for loans or some other form of  emergency financial aid for rent or other household expenses. As part of this, if someone needs a better paying job, that will be explored using the employment services below.

St. Luke's Community House will try to help newcomers to the region. Immigrants can access emergency services and enroll into self-sufficiency. There may be support for migrant workers and immigrants in Davidson County Tennessee which covers such items as clothing, food, shelter, and referrals to low cost medical care. This requires that the applicant have proper documentation to their hardship and status.




The This and That Thrift Store is based at 5007 Georgia Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209. Using donations, residents may be provided with clothing, furniture, and holiday items, to say the least. The state has been operated by St. Luke's Community House for over 30 years.

There is assistance from local food pantries as well as government aid, such as Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) as well as Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). Each option is a little different and offers different types of support.

CSFP helps meet the nutritional needs of seniors aged 60 and over as well as children. Parents who are ineligible for the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC), but who are pregnant, often can enroll. CSFP will provided the client with free boxes of food. They are distributed to participating facilities by way of non-profit distribution centers.

Emergency Food Assistance, or TEFAP, is quarterly program. This is a monthly solution for families in poverty that are out of options. Groceries, frozen foods, fruits, vegetables, and more may be passed out at various sites.

St. Luke's Community House food banks are open as well. Using donations, and the support of volunteers, the sites will pass out boxes of food, personal hygiene items, and more. There can be rice, baby formula, cereal, milk, and more at these centers, based on what was donated.

Senior citizens as well as the disabled are the primary beneficiaries of the Home Rehabilitation Program. This will offer people basic improvements or repairs. Volunteers from the community take part, and they may help with roofing needs, furnace and plumbing, maintenance as well as many others. The goal is to prevent a threat to health or safety threat.

There are other senior programs from Saint Lukes. They coordinate Mobile Meals from Monday to Friday. Or there are applications to the Commodity Food Program. This is USDA funded, and it can improve the diets of seniors that live in Nashville.





Family Development is a service that St. Luke's Community House participates in. It was designed to assist families on the path to self-sufficiency. Specialists from a wide range of agencies, such as credit counseling and workforce centers, partner with clients to set goals. A strengths-based assessment is used and it will nurture the person towards economic and social self-sufficiency. Employment issues, excessive debt, and other barriers will be addressed.

Saint Luke Christmas Store is a client choice location. Low to moderate income parents, or those without a job, can use the program to select toys and clothing for their child. In some cases gift cards to Target or stores such as Wal-Mart are passed out to the family, and there is no cost for them. The store will allow clients to select only what they want, so it provides a wide variety of goods to choose from.

St. Luke's is based at 5601 New York Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37209. Note many of their programs are restricted to certain zip codes. Call (615) 350-7893.




By Jon McNamara

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