Smart Choice discount food program.

Smart Choice Food can provide customers with high quality yet inexpensive restaurant quality groceries, meals, and food. While the exact savings will vary based on the time of year, the type of box ordered and other factors, customers may be able to acquire up to $80 worth of food and it will cost them around $35. So they can save more than 50% off of their monthly grocery bills.

The organization, which is a non-profit, will package and ship the items to local partners and host sites. This can be churches, charities, or other non-profit agencies. The items will be there for pickup. Customers can acquire steaks, special Pasta Boxes, fruits, and more. Individuals will find top quality and rated food. The prices that someone will pay are very cheap and is much less than one would expect to pay at their local grocery store or super market.

Anyone can buy their groceries from Smart Choice Food. There are no income requirements, order limits, pre-qualifications, or membership fees or applications required. The organization is committed to helping people of all income levels. So customers don't need to meet any low income or poverty guidelines.

Many people who use this service are just looking to cut their monthly grocery bill costs and save some money. This allows families to free up money and stretch their dollars so that they can pay their other bills, rent, or satisfy needs. So people are still able to get health fresh or canned food without sacrificing the quality of their diets.

Customers will need to order monthly, in advance. While as indicated there are no income restrictions, some of the host sites will allow people to pay for their boxes using SNAP food stamps. However the payment method will vary so it is recommended to verify this in advance. Then, once a month or a pre-determined day, the box of food arrives on refrigerated trucks at a site local to you. The customer will need to stop by and take delivery of the items at the facility.

The company relies on volunteers, churches, and the help from other host sites. This allows Smart Choice to sell the items cheaply to the general public. They also receive fairly substantial discounts from purchasing large volumes of food. All of those savings and discounts are passed directly to consumers.




They don't have the overhead that many companies do. For example, the non-profit utilizes the facilities of charities, fire stations, local churches, 4-H clubs and other non-profit organizations. All of these groups have a strong desire and willingness to serve their local community. So using these groups saves Smart Choice Food even more money and that is why the boxes can be sold to the public for a great price.

The Restaurant Quality Food is also bought from major producers in bulk. So more savings are passed onto families as a result of this purchasing program they use. Many customers are repeat users as well, so there is zero marketing. People have been shown to come back every month for savings, which leads to even more discounts for everyone.

The main mission is to partner with local charities, churches, religious centers, companies and civic-minded Host Sites. This allows them to provide families and individuals with cheap, quality food. The grocery boxes offer a unique solution to cutting household costs without sacrificing food quality.

They ship the goods from their main warehouse in Ohio and can send boxes to the eastern, southern and middle U.S. regions. The central location of the center also leads to savings on shipping costs.

The Smart Choice organization uses unique process of central distribution and bulk purchasing in an effort to pass substantial savings to individuals and families. The end result is that one box may be able to feed a family of four for almost a week.

Types of food items in a box

While the content may change slightly based on month and menus, where you live, and other factors, they may contain over 20 lbs of nutritious, top quality food. This can include chicken, beef, fruits, seafood, sometimes pork, vegetables, dairy items, snacks, juices and other items. It may be sold for about $30 to $40. However if you were to buy the contents of it on your own, the box of food could cost $60 to $80 (or more!) if you shopped at a grocery store.




Other value or specialty boxes are available to with different contents and saving levels. The contents will never be donations, outdated, or damaged goods. Everything is of the highest quality. They provide the basis for a nutritionally balanced diet for families, seniors, and anyone who need it.

Smart Choice Food has several offices in the nation, as indicated below.

Home Office in Niles, OH 44446. Call (866) 643-0877.
Illinois, Iowa & Michigan region - (866) 643-0877 ext. 103
Indiana – Call (866) 643-0877 ext. 102
Missouri – Phone number is (918) 693-8765
Ohio - Call (866) 643-0877 ext. 107
New York - Telephone (404) 664-2651

By Jon McNamara

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