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The federal government will be providing funds to help communities pay for services that will help families save money on their housing expenses. The assistance will be in the form of almost $2 billion in stimulus money. The funds will help families gain the knowledge they need. The end result of the classes as well as budgeting workshops provided will be many more families who will be able to pay their mortgage, obtain rent assistance, know how to budget properly, and help prevent homelessness.

The savings from the classes will be possible in hundreds of cities, towns, and counties around the country. Stimulus funds are being used to provide everything from counseling to direct financial aid as well as pay for classes on how to budget properly. All of these resources will be effective at reducing the cost of housing. It is expected that families of all income levels will be able to save millions of dollars per year on their total housing costs.

Types of services available

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) plans to send the government stimulus money to more than 500 cities, towns, counties and local communities. The funds will provide for counseling, credit repair workshops, and other programs to help prevent homelessness and to assist those who have lost their homes. HUD will also be working with local agencies on a variety of budgeting classes.

The funds and free grants are being distributed as part of a homelessness prevention program that was incorporated into the stimulus law. The total savings from the program will help millions of newly or nearly jobless Americans find housing or stay in their current residence. If this is not enough help for most families, they can find additional ways to get rent help. More.

The grants are being used in a variety of different ways by state and local governments. Much of it will be around budgeting though as well as general case management. The ability to do that is key to saving money on housing or anything else.

The federal government stimulus money very beneficial to struggling communities across the nation. The money from the government will be a tremendous help as it will provide support as well as budgeting classes to the less fortunate. It gives million of struggling families the knowledge they need when it comes to accessing affordable housing. Many of those who need help would otherwise have no where to go for advice in the current, difficult economy.





Stimulus funds will also help homeowners save their home. It will pay for foreclosure classes as well as budgeting that many families sorely need. Thousands of homeowners are losing their homes to foreclosure, and there is a need for mortgage help as well.

The bottom line is that the government grants will go a long way towards helping local communities. It will help towns pay for foreclosure prevention services, offer tenants tips on how to apply for rent assistance, and other housing aid. The classes arranged will provide information to people on landlord-tenant rights, it will pay for debt reduction programs, and other tools they need.

The true focus will be on self-sufficiency. It will help break the cycle of homelessness. No family will ever be stable unless they learn how to save money and budget properly. Many services will be provided with those goals in mind. This will be generally covered by credit-repair programs, budgeting classes, and other counseling.

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By Jon McNamara

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