Help from Ohio charities and organizations with bills.

In addition to these charities and organizations in Ohio that can provide you aid and help, there are also numerous state government assistance programs in Ohio that are available. Find these programs. More.

In addition, be sure to view review national charities and organizations that can provide you assistance with bills.

Dominion East Ohio
Receive help from the EnergyShare charity program. This is sponsored by Dominion East Ohio, and the EnergyShare will assist needy families and individuals with paying any type of winter heating bill, whether it is natural gas, heating oil, wood, kerosene or electricity. 1-888-377-3774.

Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative
Operation Helping Others is a program that assists both individuals and community organizations.1-800-521-9879

This assistance program was created for those families and individuals who are in need of help with paying their utility and heating bills during the winter season. Eligibility for aid is based upon individual or family need and to be qualified applicants do not need to meet any government assistance guidelines. An individual or family must also be subject to disconnection of their utility or heating service in order to qualify for help. Contact your local Salvation Army for more information.

Illuminating Company
The Community Outreach Opportunity Program (CO-OP) will also give a cash grant to disabled, low income families, or the unemployed to help them keep their electric service running. 216-861-8185

Legal Aid
Low and moderate income people in Ohio can receive free legal consultations and representation. More.

Ohio Edison
Project Reach is a charity program offered by Ohio Edison. It will provides a once-a-year financial cash grant to the unemployed, disabled, or low-income customers that might lose their electric service because of overdue energy or heating bills. 1-800-633-4766

Operation Round Up
This charity program is offered from some utility companies. Customer contributions fund this program, and grants can be used to help pay medical bills, provide food aid, help pay energy bills, rent and aid is provided for other reasons as well.





The People Fund
This aid program is offered by Consolidated Electric Cooperative, and it will help people with a variety of bills and expenses. 1-800-421-5863

Toledo Edison
Neighbors Helping Neighbors charity program will also provide temporary cash grants and financial assistance to disabled, unemployed Ohio families, and also struggling, low-income customers. 419-241-3549

Winter Reconnect Program
Allows most households in Ohio that have had their heating or utility service disconnected, or if they are threatened with disconnection due to nonpayment of a utility bill, it allows these families to have their service restored during the winter months. These families must pay either the total amount of the outstanding bill that they owe or $175, whichever is less, plus a reconnection fee that will be less than $20.





By Jon McNamara

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