Help from New Jersey aid organizations and charities.

In addition to numerous charities and aid organizations in New Jersey that can provide you with assistance and help, there are also state programs that offer additional aid. More on these assistance programs.

Also you need to be sure you review the national charities and organizations that can provide you with help. More.

Comfort Partners
Most utility and gas companies throughout New Jersey offer this charity program. It provides help with paying utility and heating bills through an organization called the Societal Benefits Charge, which was created under recent New Jersey laws. It also provides a variety of energy saving improvements, including Energy efficiency measures including: efficient lighting products, hot water repair and conservation measures, freezer and refrigerator replacement, insulation upgrades, programmable thermostats, air sealing, duct sealing and repair, and heating/cooling equipment maintenance, repair and/or replacement.

Free Heating Oil
Citizens Energy offer the Oil Heat Program, which will give free heating oil, or heavily discounted oil, those those New Jersey families who need help.

Eva's Village
This is a comprehensive social service agency charity. The goal of Eva’s Village is to feed the hungry, provide medical care and help with bills to the poor, shelter the homeless, and other aid.

Legal Assistance
If you are dealing with a legal matter and can’t afford an attorney, find how you can get representation. Read more.

New Jersey SHARES (Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services)
This is a statewide, year-round independent energy fund designed for individuals and families living in New Jersey that are in need of short term, temporary help in paying their heating and energy bills. To be eligible, you must be a non-welfare recipient who is a energy customer, and must be experiencing a financial crisis, have exhausted all other available sources of aid and assistance, and you must have demonstrated a good faith effort to pay their energy bills.

$1 Energy Fund
This fund, which is available in New Jersey and other states, partners with about 20 utility companies across New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to provide tangible assistance to people in need of affording safe and adequate utility service.

New Jersey Natural Gas
The Gift of Warmth program will give help with paying natural gas to struggling New Jersey families. It assists those who have a temporary need for aid that is caused by an emergency, such as a medical illness, or the loss of a job.





By Jon McNamara

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