Locate Massachusetts assistance organizations and charities.

In addition to several organizations and charities in Massachusetts that can provide you with assistance and help, there are also many programs offered by the state government that can provide additional aid. More on these assistance programs.

Also learn about national charities and organizations that can provide assist. More.

The Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP) has partnered with several Massachusetts utility companies and the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN) in an effort to provide aid with energy bills to families who need help.

Free or Very Cheap Heating Oil
Citizens Energy offer the Oil Heat Program, which will give free heating oil, or heavily discounted oil, those those New Jersey families who need help.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund
Utilities and customers of utility companies provide donations and funds to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund across Massachusetts. The Fund is available to any Massachusetts resident who, because of some type of temporary financial difficulty, can’t meet a month's energy expense and if the person is not eligible for federal or state energy assistance.

This cash grant charity program provides lower income, fuel assistance-eligible individuals and families with assistance for home energy audits, additional insulation, heating system repair/replacement services, and safety improvements.

Legal Services and Consultations
Lawyers from across the state of Massachusetts offer free pro-bono services and legal advice to individuals. Get more information the the Massachusetts legal assistance programs.

A public/private partnership that helps Massachusetts residents save money on energy bills through conservation. The MassSAVE program benefits include improved comfort all year long, improved home performance, reduced energy costs, and a healthier environment.

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries
This organization helps families and individuals who face barriers to self-sufficiency, including those struggling with housing expenses, poorly educated, homelessness, developmental disabilities and physical disabilities, limited job skills and welfare dependency. Morgan Memorial Goodwill offers a thrift store, job training, paid work opportunities, and low-cost quality goods to those in need.

Project Bread
The Project Bread charity organization makes emergency food aid accessible to those who need assistance with grocery bills and would otherwise go hungry.





By Jon McNamara

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