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Online retailers continue to offer some of the best holiday shopping and Black Friday deals of their own, and many of these online stores can't be beat by your local retail store. Help find the lowest online prices.

Use as an example. You just need to enter in an item you are looking to buy online, and PriceGrabber scours online retailers for a listing of the lowest possible online prices. You can think of it as the "Frugal Google" of online shopping. A return for XM Radio found a radio receiver that costs $115 with free shipping from Amazon. However, it also found that the same receiver at Wal-Mart goes for $119 with 97-cent shipping. So you can save four dollars and 97-cents, all for almost no work. Pricegrabber will definitely help you find the lowest online price, and help you save on the shopping bills you are paying this year.

Never be fooled by online retailers that offer you "unbeatable prices." The website helps prove that those low online prices may not be the lowest prices in the cyberworld. is a site that works like this. You need to look for an item online at a retailer like the Apple Store, plug the URL for the store into, and then type the price of the item as it appears at the online store. The Apple Store sets the price of their silver iPod Shuffle at $49, while did find another online retailer that sells the same product for $48.72 with free shipping. Granted, while that is not a huge savings or difference in price, the free shipping and almost two dollars saved on this bill could buy you a coffee someday.

Do you have a difficult person in your family to shop for? Then can help.  This online site sells items you never knew you wanted. Every shopping day, a new item will appear at a low price in limited quantities. As an example of recent items, a Pink Floyd studio box set went for $124.99 plus $5 shipping costs. Compare that to the same item on the official Pink Floyd website, the same box set goes for well over $200.

For a completely random experience, try the . This store works like this. Send them $10 by PayPal or credit card, and the team at the Something Store send you something. Your "something" sent could be anything - from a set of jewelry or earphones. According to the "Something Tracker," a customer located out in Colorado received a Cuisine Art Coffee Maker, while a customer in Kentucky was sent a Duct Tape wallet. Or maybe the something sent will be a set of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a keyboard's "P" and "S" keys, like one customer in California received. The Something Store will never send some items, like weapons or alcohol, through the mail. You never know what you, or that difficult person you need to shop for, will get, and that's part of the fun and surprise.

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By Jon McNamara

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