Inside-out Ministries low income programs.

The goal of Ministries is to break the cycle of poverty, and for individuals that are working towards self-sufficiency, there may be short term emergency assistance offered. Some of the focus of the non-profit is on preventing both hunger and homelessness in Madison County, so this means they will try to offer housing assistance or food.

A Housing and Shelter Department provides emergency support and case management to clients. This may include a combination of transitional housing services for individuals or homeless residents that meet certain goals and families. The goal is to assist those who are facing imminent eviction or that are currently homeless by offering an array of services that ultimately move people into permanent, safe and affordable housing.

The advice and even the programs from Ministries are designed to help those in need address the issues that led to the homelessness as well. So there is support in tacking the root cause, whether it is job loss, release from jail, substance abuse, mental illness, medical issues, or just the general cycle of poverty.

The services from the Ministry strive to emphasize a social mode that promotes self-determination and independence. This in effect works by providing clients with case management services in congregate and independent living facilities. Workshops and classes can include Financial Literacy Training, Information and Referral, Job Training, Parenting Classes, and more.

Food can be provided from a pantry or meals from a soup kitchen. The items available will depend on donations given to Ministries from local businesses and individuals. Other resources include the federal government or state of Alabama benefits, such as the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) or SNAP food stamps. The Ministry also runs a free Thanksgiving and Christmas meal programs for Huntsville families.

While each program will have its own qualifications, there are instances in which low-income individuals and families can obtain free food or government commodities every so many months through TEFAP. Or SNAP can provide people a debit card they can use to buy groceries at their local store. There may be items such as beans, spaghetti, rice, flour, meat, peanut butter, and fruit. There may also be formula and other basic needs provided.




On a limited basis, there may be Emergency Assistance. The Department offers help to families that meet conditions and that are facing a crisis. So the aid is not for assisting those in poverty on an ongoing basis, but it is rather one time support for say a partial rent payment or energy bills.

As part of this program, Inside-out Ministries may provide for direct aid or maybe low interest loans. If financial aid is not available, then clients may receive referrals and support. This type of referrals or case management may be available to people access one time rental or mortgage assistance, health care, free food, and even heating or utility bill services.

Financial literacy services are wide ranging in Madison County. This type of assistance can help families improve their overall financial condition by repairing credit, provide tips and tools on how to save more money effectively, and other steps.

  • Credit Enhancement will help people with the development of a credit restoration plan, which can improve scores, help pay down debts, and more.
  • Mentorship, guidance and assistance to create household spending plans, such as budgeting, are all designed to help people save money and build savings over the long term.
  • Classes from the non-profit can equips residents with the knowledge to discern a credible lending institution and find alternative to payday loans or similar services.

In partnership with other churches and charities, Christmas Assistance can be provided from resources such as Adopt-A-Family and more. These will matches people or even employers who want to provide personalized holiday assistance (such as toys or gifts) to a low-income family or child in the region of Huntsville Alabama or Madison County.




Transportation services are available in partnership with organizations such as Agency on Aging centers or even charities such as the Salvation Army. Inside-out Ministries can refer the elderly as well as homebound to shuttle services, and it can provide a ride to a doctor office or maybe an appointment.

Additional referrals may be available as well. For more information on programs that can help struggling families, call 1-888-421-1266.


By Jon McNamara

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