Huron County assistance.

Utility, Rent and Mortgage assistance

Tens of thousands of dollars in funds has been granted to Huron County as a result of the the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The funds are to be used to provide assistance to county residents with a variety of expenses and bills. The federal funds will be distributed through the Huron County Emergency Food and Shelter program.

Huron County residents can receive housing assistance, such as rent help or mortgage assistance, and they can also receive utility bill assistance. This aid is available to all Huron County residents who have been unemployed for more than 30 days since Sept. 1, 2008. Please note that any assistance is limited to just one time per household, and the total assistance provided can’t exceed a total of $300 per household. If you are interested in applying for this aid, you need to contact the following charities or agencies.

If you need rent/mortgage/housing or utility assistance, contact either the Wakeman Caring Community, Willard Salvation Army Community Workers' Fund, or the Erie-Huron CAC.

If you need only energy bill assistance, contact the Greenwich Salvation Army ((914) 939-2725) or the New London Salvation Army (860) 443-6409.

Most of the region is also covered by an agency that is known as Action for Huron/Bridgeport CT. While a number of programs are offered from this non-profit charity origination, they are also a great place to call to get information and referrals to government programs and other non-profits in the region. As just a sampling of some of the services and resources provided to the low income include rent payment and housing assistance programs. These services are provide the low to moderate income in the region with a very limited amount of cash grants and/or financial assistance towards paying first months rent payment, security deposits or ongoing rent for individuals or families who can show they are qualified to sustain an apartment over the long term, and once they get back on their feet. The agency can also help people apply for energy assistance from LIHEAP, directly from Connecticut utility assistance programs, and/or other state or federal government programs. Call (888) 852-6080





By Jon McNamara

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