Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program.

This is a charity type program that families need to apply for. The resources available from the foundation are very limited and only a very small number of applicants are able to be assisted. Families that are selected will receive both financial assistance and a financial makeover from the resources that are provided by Gradient. They also partner with various professionals, third-party affiliates, and national charities in an effort to help the underprivileged. They offer a highly skilled financial team.

Some of the financial assistance provided by Gradient Financial Group includes:

  • They will provide funds for up to six months of mortgage and/or rent payments. Since only a very small number of people may qualify for help, find additional ways to get rent help and mortgage and foreclosure assistance.
  • They can help you find available state and federal government funds and grants.
  • The foundation may be able to assist with paying utility bills, deal with car loan companies, and provide resources to help with other applicable debts.
  • Help you find and procure charitable contributions and donations from numerous programs that are available.

If you are a family that is selected, you will receive assistance in several areas. More details include the following. First, the financial professionals that work with Gradient will help out with the family’s current financial situation by providing each selected family with up to to six mortgage or lease payments. In addition, they will try to offer assistance with utility companies and any bills that are due. However, they will also help the family plan for their future, put together a budget to keep them out of financial difficulty, and work with them on long term solutions, even including employment needs.

In addition, some other benefits include this program will allow for both the review and analysis of past tax income and other returns. For example, they will review the previous years return and help with the current years returns.





From this point, families will undergo comprehensive budgeting, financial planning analysis and also career counseling and coaching. Some of the budgeting support provided by Gradient Gives Back includes a review of your income, expenses, interest rates and all off your outstanding debts, including credit card and medical. The goal is to get families back on track to self-sufficiency.

Any type of financial aid provided is not intended to be a hand out, but rather a hand up. This is why any outreach services provided come with counseling, budgeting workshops, credit services, and financial literacy sessions.

The Gradient Foundation also advocates on behalf of the poor and low income. They partner with communities and non-profits across the nation in an effort to help the less fortunate. One of the focuses of the charity is to assist those families that are in danger of losing their home and that are facing homelessness. If the organization can’t assist you or your family, they may be able to provide referrals or other support.

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By Jon McNamara

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