Good Faith Food box from Treasure Valley.

Treasure Valley Food Group works with churches and non-profits across the country to provide the Good Faith Food box. This program offers high quality food items at reduced prices to people of all income and backgrounds. The savings from the food box will be up to 40% over regular grocery store prices.

The company uses its global network of partners and manufacturers in order to buy food, groceries, fresh items and other staples, all of which will go into the food box. The items are then provided to anyone who needs them from a nationwide network of churches, ministries and non-profit organizations. There are no income restrictions in place, and people of all backgrounds, religions, and incomes can buy a Good Faith Food box. There are also no forms to fill out, no qualifications for you to meet, and no questions to answer.

The program is available to anyone who would like to order quality food at a reduced price! While it does in fact offer a special opportunity to those who are struggling and challenged to keep food on the table, it can also assist those families or individuals who currently live on a fixed budget. Many people who are going through a short term hardship, such as a reduction in hours, also use the program. The Good Faith Food box is also for people who want to be generous and multiply their giving.

Treasure Valley Food Group brings extensive purchasing power to the program. For example, they have been providing food and groceries to more than 30,000 grocery stores and retailers across the United States for over 10 years, and now they are turning this network and using their knowledge and resources to help the less fortunate.

Most of the beneficiaries of the program are seniors, families with children, the disabled, and to a lesser extent children. As word of the Treasure Valley program has spread, more and more people are acquiring the boxes and receiving savings of up to 40 percent off of typical retail prices.

The Good Faith Food Box is very effective at stretching the budgets and food dollars of families and individuals across the nation. Many people are more than willing to purchase a box for of food and groceries, and to receive savings of up to 40% on their monthly grocery bills. It also helps people who are watching their budget and trying to save money.





Contents of a Good Faith Food Box

While anyone can buy a box, you will need to contact a local church or non-profit, as these locations distribute aid to the community. The contents of each box will vary based upon what your local church orders, and what Treasure Valley Food Group can coordinate at that moment in time. Many of the Good Faith Food Boxes have frozen foods and are filled with vegetables, meats, fruits, breakfast, items like ready to eat casseroles as well as dessert items.

The program also continues to expand, both in the number of distribution sites as we as the types and contents of each box. Some may be tailored to children, or senior nutritional needs, or maybe even boxes with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some churches and many non-profits may also have specialty boxes with just meat or chicken. While still under development, the specialty boxes may range from $16-$30 per box.

Prices of the boxes

The prices will also tend to vary slightly, and they may also change based upon what part of the country you live in. However whatever items in the box will be sold to consumers at around 30 to 40% below retail prices. An average box will cost about $35. However it will contain maybe $60 worth of food and groceries. So this is substantial savings for people in the community. Most of the boxes may contain enough items to provide around six dinners for a family of four people. The offerings change each month, so you can call a local distribution site for a menu and order one or more of any of the boxes or specials available.

To learn more about the Good Faith Food Box program, to get details about the monthly food deliveries, call 973-940-3500.




By Jon McNamara

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