Help paying credit card bills from Credit Card Counseling Centers.

If you find yourself continuing to struggle with paying credit card bills and any outstanding debts on your account, it is always good advice to use a Credit Card Counseling Center for help. The locations offer individuals a number of services, advice (which is usually free) and other support.

Some of the organizations that can provide assistance and that you may find useful include members of Consumer Counseling Center of America (CCCA). Many of them are nonprofit organizations. They have offices in most major towns and cities, and they operate all throughout the country. These Credit Card Counseling Centers will help consumers in getting out of, reduce, and ideally asst clients with paying off credit card bills and debts.

They can help you receive assistance from such programs as credit card modification, fee waivers, consolidation, debt management plans, and others. The programs offered will primarily focus on dealing with unsecured loans and debts, such as medical expenses, credit card debt, and personal loans.

How do debt consolidation/settlement agencies and Credit Counseling Centers differ

Do not confuse CCCA with a debt consolidation loan agency. While they may offer some of the same services, at least on the surface, there are key differences. One of the major differences between a Credit Card Counseling Center and a debt consolidation company is that while a company that consolidates your bills will provide you with a loan, a CCCA will offer you a number of additional services.




For example, they complete debt consolidation as well undertake the negotiation of interest rates for you directly with your credit card company or bank. Representatives from CCCA will work with you by receiving a consolidated monthly payment directly from you, and they will then use those funds to pay off your bills on your behalf. In other words, a Consumer Counseling Center of America location will use that amount that you pay them monthly to pay off your creditors to whom you owe money. So they take care of all the administrative work.

Many people state that at minimum using the services and assistance provided by credit counseling centers like CCCA will help people gain peace of mind. This occurs as the services they provide will help reduce a consumers stress level. A few additional key benefits of using them is that it stops the creditors and debt collectors from harassing you. In addition, your various accounts are being paid and updated regularly and last, but not least, the payment due on your monthly bills and debts will be kept current.





Pros of Credit Counseling Centers

Some of the other pros of using a Credit Card Counseling Center include someone else is managing your payment schedules and logistics on your behalf, so that will mean that no payments are missed and no delinquency charges or late fees will imposed on your accounts. Most centers will also offer credit card counseling debt management plans.

Is is only human nature for an individual to feel disappointed when their application for a debt consolidation loan is not approved by their bank or lender. However, at the same time it is important that people accept the fact that a credit card bill is in truth loan from a bank which is unsecured in nature. Much of this terminology is complicated, and a counselor can help people navigate and understand this.

A counselor can help with consolidation as well, if that is an approach you think is the best one to take. Since unsecured loans like credit card bills and debt are not attached to any collateral or any physical possessions, many of these banks will ask you for a lien or mortgage. They will request this in order to provide you with a debt consolidation loan. For example a bank may ask for your house to be mortgaged to them in order get a loan.

In these cases, a counselor from a CCCA will rarely advise individuals to take this approach in case you do default on a payment. If that happens the bank will then have the right to auction that asset, so you could in fact lose your home. So we continue to say that the best way to get help paying credit card bills and to get out of a financial crisis or emergency, such as credit card debt, is to get a little assistance from a credit card counseling service. It also requires a lot of self discipline on your part.




Find a Credit Counseling Center

Many community action agencies either offer credit counseling, or they can refer an individual to a credit counseling agency in their area. Click here to find your local community action agency and credit counseling center.

In addition, the federal government has certified and approved a number of CCCAs as non-profit organizations. They can often provide qualified clients with free or low cost advice and programs. Locate credit counseling agencies.

By Jon McNamara

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