Florida charities and organizations help with bills.

In addition to these charities and organizations that can provide you help and assistance, there are also government run programs in Florida that can provide assistance. More on these programs.

In addition to these Florida groups, you can also find national charities and organizations to help.

Barnabas Center
Barnabas Center helps those in need by providing clothing, food, household goods, medical and dental care, as well as subsidies and grants to help pay rent and utilities. The goal is to help those in crisis stabilize their lives. (904) 261-7000

Boca Helping Hands
Their goal is to provide compassionate service through assistance programs and food to families, individuals, and children in Florida.

City of Leesburg
Receive help from Citizens Utility Relief Effort (C.U.R.E.), which will provide assistance with utility bills to customers who are unable to pay their bills. 352-314-8733

Cooperative Feeding Program -
In addition to providing food and meals, the Cooperative Feeding Program also provides counseling and support to help families that are in the throes of difficult times.

Neighbor To Neighbor gives emergency energy-related assistance to the elderly, lower income Florida households, and also the disabled. 904-665-6000

Kissimmee Utility Authority
Good Neighbor Energy Fund will help customers of this Florida utility company with a variety of emergency situations. 407-933-7777

Legal Services
Get free legal counsel, representation and advice from various non-profit law firms located throughout Florida. Read more.

Project Share and Care
Many utilities in Florida participate in the Project Share and also Project Care assistance program. This program provides emergency energy bill assistance to those who need help with energy bills, repairs to air-conditioning and heating equipment, and other energy-related needs. The assistance program assists the elderly, the sick, the disabled, and others who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Mustard Seed of Central Florida
This charity organization provides clothing, household goods, furniture, toys and books to those who have suffered from personal disaster, provided that they also show the desire to become self-sufficient and rebuild their lives. (407) 875-2040





Ocala Electric Utility
The Neighbors Who Care Program helps pay utility bills for customers with a financial hardship. 1-800-893-4760

Operation Roundup
Your local utility company may participate in this program. Donations, which are raised by customer, provide funds for families, individuals, and other organizations. The funds may be used to help pay for shelter, rent, food, clothing, and health care needs.

Progress Energy
Energy Neighbor Fund provides energy bill help. 1-800-700-8744

Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.
SECO Angel Fund charity provides help for emergency situations, and can also provide utility bill aid.




By Jon McNamara

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