Financial assistance for other countries.

We sometimes receive requests for help from other countries, such as the United Kingdom and many others. The site also has visitors from many other nations as well. Unfortunately there are tens of millions of low income families from all corners of the world that need some form of help from time to time. While we do not provide information on financial assistance programs for those countries, we do have some recommendations.

The fact is that each country has their own resources available for struggling individuals. Some parts of the world rely on their national government to provide financial help while others may depend on more local organizations, such as non-profits to distribute food or clothing. From what we can determine, no two countries are alike.

Types of financial assistance provided

As noted, the resources in each country are different. As examples, they will often different regulations in place for providing food to families that are facing hunger. Tenants or homeowners that are facing an eviction or loss of their home will also have many different, local programs that can provide them funds for paying their housing costs.

This concept of private and government aid holds true for everything. There are different local regulations for firms that issue loans, utility companies may or may not be regulated by their government, and in general the vulnerable have different approaches to take. The application process will also be very different in each country.

We tend to have more suggestions for English speaking nations, such as the United Kingdom. One resource we discovered has information on thousands of charities, grants programs, and welfare schemes as well. We recommend this site for help with paying bills.

Many experts and stats show that the United Kingdom has a winder income gap than even the US. There is a tremendous income disparity in that nation for many reasons noted below, and millions of people are struggling to keep up with their bills.

In the UK, there are more people on the two extremes of the income scale, with a higher percentage of the population living in poverty than in the US. According to a 2014 study, about 23% of households are living in poverty vs about 14% in the United States. The UK also has about 140 billionaires vs 492 in the US, even though the population in the US is about 5 times as large. So the levels of poverty and wealth are both extreme.





Not only that, but the government in the UK continues to reduce their safety net schemes. They are cutting benefits in an ongoing effort to balance their budget. Also, new, less family friendly welfare programs are being implemented. This is leading to more families need to find alternative sources of everything from food to job training or affordable housing.

Many other people from around the world need help as well. While the economic environment or most nations is much better than it was 1, 2, or even 5 years ago, many families still face a crisis on occasion. Some people also just want to know where they can turn to so they can improve the income of their families, so they want job training or help in reducing any debts they have. When that happens, there are places to turn to.

We do recommend some resources over others. If you can't find help in your country, then call or stop by a local government office. As most countries, such as the United Kingdom, will have some type of organization in place that can at the very least provide referrals to struggling families.

By Jon McNamara

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