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Help from Fifth Third Bank - You Have Options Program.

Homeowners that need mortgage assistance can contact Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third Bank’s Mortgage group is committed to playing a key role in supporting homeownership and assisting families by offering a variety of flexible modification and refinancing opportunities under the federal Making Home Affordable Program. This program gives homeowners options for both mortgage refinancing and loan modifications to customers who already have a mortgage relationship with Fifth Third Bank.

Loan Modifications

Some homeowners can’t afford to make their monthly mortgage payment because their interest rate has increased, they have lost their job, their income has gone down, or they are experiencing a financial hardship or emergency. These families may be able to qualify for a loan modification that will make their monthly mortgage payments more affordable, that may reduce fees, or even lower their outstanding mortgage balance. Fifth Third Bank is offering modifications from the You Have Options Program. Contact them for further information.

Refinance your mortgage

You may be one of the many homeowners who is paying their mortgage on time but does not currently qualify to refinance their loan at today’s historically low interest rates due to current home values. Maybe the value of your home has decreased to the point where you your mortgage is upside down, meaning you own more on it than the home is worth. A Making Home Affordable Refinance will assist those borrowers whose loans are held by either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae refinance into a more affordable mortgage with a lower interest rate.





Other Options Available

  • Partial Claim Advance - You may be able to qualify for an interest-free loan from your mortgage guarantor that will make your account current if your mortgage is insured.
  • Mortgage Repayment Plan - For some borrowers, they may be able to work with you and come up with an agreement in which you would resume your regular monthly mortgage payments. Any past due payments would also be part of the agreement.
  • Short Payoff - If the outstanding balance of your loan is more than the property's fair market value or resale price, you may be able to sell your home for less than what you owe and pay off the mortgage still.
  • Loan Modification - Homeowners may be to to get the terms of your original loan changed in order to make the payments more affordable. For example, they may may be able to lower your interest rate, defer past due interest, extend the term of your mortgage or maybe add the delinquent interest amount to the unpaid principal balance on your loan.
  • Assumption - If you sell your home, a qualified buyer may be allowed to assume your current mortgage, even if your original mortgage agreement states that it is non-assumable by a buyer.
  • Deed in Lieu - If you are trying to sell your property and have had your property listed for a period of time with no activity on it, Fifth Third may accept the title and ownership to your property as settlement for the debt.


You can contact Fifth Third Bank and ask about the You Have Options foreclosure and mortgage assistance programs.





By Jon McNamara

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