Feed My People assistance programs and emergency aid.

Many programs are offered by Feed My People, however the priority is on preventing hunger in St Louis County. They combine that service with housing, special holiday and Christmas programs, and also information or referrals.

The non-profit relies on a combination of donations from the community as well as government grants for resources such as weatherization. While many applicants will need to be turned away, if Feed My People can't meet a request, then they will offer referrals and linkage to other agencies in Saint Louis Missouri.

FMP serves as a source of information in regard to affordable, low income housing locations and apartments. They can also help the working poor apply for Section 8 housing. They are also principal partner in a complex consisting of dozens of well-maintained, affordable apartments for lease. These are available for qualifying working poor clients. Under certain circumstances, they may be able to offer income-eligible clients limited financial assistance with housing costs, such as first months rent or a deposit.

Home Weatherization provides reasonably priced materials for the purpose of conserving energy. This is done through weatherizing and/or winterizing a clients’ living spaces, which will reduce utility bills. Each FMP location in Saint Louis approaches Weatherization in a different manner. For example, Lemay refers clients to STEP, Inc., while High Ridge may offer the resources themselves.

Each year, Feed My People furnishes heating or cooling appliances (such as free box fans) to those in need. There may be warm blankets or electric heaters, and these are distributed for those who have insufficient home insulation or no source of heat. Additionally, FMP furnish fans or information on air conditioners to help keep people cool during the hot St. Louis summer.

A limited supply of smoke detectors as well as free batteries for them may be provided by FMP as well. They are available to be distributed to qualifying, low income homeowners, seniors and renters. In cases in which the client is unable to obtain a detectors on their own, FMP will gladly supply one.

Feed My People operates services to assist eligible clients with tax-related or civil legal issues. This is offered at a low cost or for free, and the Legal Counseling Program’s attorney is available to provide advice to those who may not be able to afford an attorney when the need arises.




Similarly, they administer a Tax Assistance Program, and this has on hand counselors who can prepare and file returns and ensure that clients receive all credits they are due, including but not limited to Federal Earned Income Tax Credit or State Circuit Breaker for seniors. If and when needed, they also provide referrals to other not-profit agencies that provide free assistance with income or property tax-related matters.

The clients assisted by the FMP Job Training and Counseling Program span a wide range of work experience levels. Some people from the region have never held a job. However, there are many other that have been unemployed for a significant amount of time, and still others are well-educated and have worked for years.

Regardless of the individual's background, highly trained job counselors and specialists provide information and support services that help people build their self-confidence. This is done by preparing them for interviews; guiding them through creating resumes, and also instructing them on proper dress and appearance for interviews and work.

The Budget Counseling Program has counselors and specialists on staff to provide a comprehensive, five-week review of expenses and income for clients. After this is done, the next step is to develop an individualized working budget that fits the client’s needs, while meeting FMP guidelines.

Anyone from St. Louis that is in need of information and assistance are encouraged to explore the various social services available in the Self-Help Center. If the organization is unable to help with a client’s specific needs, or if someone resides outside of their service area, FMP will gladly furnish a referral to the appropriate program or agency. They can help people with everything from government benefits such as food stamps to private charity programs.

Free food and supplies from Feed my People

Helping St. Louis County residents who are in need of food is usually first on the list of priorities at FMP. The staff and volunteers provide clients with free, nutritionally balanced food, either on an emergency or long-term basis. The sources that are used include Individual Community Members, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Commodities, local drives help by volunteers, and also non-profits such as the St. Louis Food Bank or Operation Food Search.





School supplies help children from low-income families in St. Louis County. The free supplies, such as paper, notebooks, rulers, pencils, crayons, and other items are donated by generous community residents.

Students deserve and enjoy having new shoes, especially for the start of the school year, and FMP purchases Payless Shoe Source Gift Certificates to distribute to children. Additionally, baby layettes for newborns that include bottles, blankets, diapers and other items, are available for distribution to first-time mothers.

Each year, the non-profit's Christmas Programs ensure that local families in need are able to enjoy the holidays. As part of this service, there are adopters that provide holiday gifts, food and personal care items over the Christmas holiday, when many local food pantries usually close.

Another option is the Giving Tree Program, which provides clients with toys and other child-appropriate items to be given as gifts to their children. Gift items are donated by individuals, businesses, organizations and schools across the community.

Both FMP clients and the general public are welcome to come in and shop at the Thrifty Hanger Thrift Store’s Lemay and High Ridge locations. The stores carry an array of useful, bargain-priced items, such as shoes, household items, clothing, electronics, children's toys, and much more.

Feed My People has multiple locations. They are as follows.

  • South County, 171 Kingston Dr., St. Louis, Missouri 63125-2932, telephone number is 314-631-4900
  • High Ridge, 3295 Ottomeyer Rd., High Ridge, MO 63049-3144, main number 636-677-9885



By Jon McNamara

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