Fast and Indispensable Temporary Help, or F.A.I.T.H. Ministries programs.

Several services are administered by F.A.I.T.H. Ministries. The faith based agency will provide food from pantries as well as home delivery service. When it comes to financial assistance in Pinal County, this relies on government grants, and the charity may have everything from funds for rental expenses to overdue utility bills. Other support will be help in completing applications to benefits such as food stamps, LIHEAP, or even disability. More details on their services are below.

Assistance for food needs is available from a combination of pantries and various meal services. Food banks in Casa Grande Arizona, of which FAITH is a key participant, can offer free groceries as well as other goods, such as personal hygiene items or clothing. These do rely on donations from the community.

Home Delivery of meals is for senior citizens as well as the disabled in Pinal County. The agency receives referrals as well as funding for this from the Area Agency on Aging. A combination of staff and volunteers of F.A.I.T.H. Ministries deliver hot, nutritious meals Monday through Friday to the homebound.

In addition, special programs are run. F.A.I.T.H. Ministries provides Thanksgiving and Christmas deliveries as well as a weekly supply of frozen meals that clients can consume throughout the week. There may also be goods such as bagged groceries and nutritional supplements such as Ensure to clients. In addition to the low cost Meals on Wheels service, the staff also provide clients of the agency with someone to chat with as a form of company.

Congregate Meals are held at centers in the county. There are either breakfasts or lunches served at centers, and they are offered along with activities and classes. Sessions in Pinal County may include nutrition education, classes on applying for Medicare, and even local trips.

Senior Transportation can be arranged for these lunch or congregate meal sites. There are also rides for medical appointments and grocery shopping. This gives clients in Casa Grande the freedom to be more self-sufficient, and to remain living in their home.

Christmas Gifts Program is run by generous individuals and businesses that partner with Fast and Indispensable Temporary Help. Many groups in Pinal have donated to make many families, especially those with children and elderly members, enjoy the Christmas season. Donors contribute to the families in need to provide free Christmas gifts or meals to children, creating joy. This also helps reduce stress on the family budget.




F.A.I.T.H. Ministries rent and utility bill help is part of Homeless Solutions and Rapid Re-Housing. The non-profit  provides emergency financial assistance or short term loans. Any aid issued will be in the form of time-limited funds. So the money is short term only, can can help with rental, energy bills and security deposits to individuals and families who are homeless or facing eviction.

These federal government grants allow F.A.I.T.H. Ministries to pay overdue housing expenses when eviction is threatened. Or there can be short term help for security deposits or first month's rent and utility connections for residents of Casa Grande who lack housing. Funding is of course limited and the demand is high. The amount will be allocated to each successful applicant based on the availability of resources or requirements of the entities.

Also, advocacy is a form of outreach that may also help prevent families from losing housing. This will involve staff mediating a solution with the tenant's landlord. For any of these homeless solutions, eligibility conditions need to be met and all procedures followed, such as when to set up an appointment. F.A.I.T.H. Ministries is only able to help a fraction of those in need of assistance.

Long term support is part of Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher. This is a resource that provides one time rental assistance to eligible impoverished families. Landlords of private housing and apartments in Pinal County whose units pass inspection directly receive a designated amount of rent from HUD. This will in effect reducing monthly rental payments for tenants to increase their affordable housing choices.

Any type of financial support comes with Financial Education. This is a service designed to increase client's awareness about their finances. Tips and workshops will be held for them and cover how to develop personal and family budgets, banking, interest rates, saving money, and more. It will help people decrease their debts, increase savings, and general financial knowledge. As needed, the non-profit will partners with non-profits such as Money Management International to provide various financial workshops.

The staff of F.A.I.T.H. Ministries are trained to assist residents, no matter their age or background, to respond to questions on forms for public benefits. Staff members, many of whom are Bilingual, are available to help individuals apply who do not read or speak the English language.





By providing this type of forms assistance, the agency has helped individuals to increase their resources by adding income from disability, unemployment claims, Social Security, and more. Food stamps are also a focus, and this will help people with putting food on the table. Or learn how to apply for Medicaid, which will assist with getting health care for their children. Worker’s Compensation forms, SNAP food stamp applications, applications for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), designation of Medicare prescription plans, Earned Income tax refunds and FAFSA can be applied for.

The process can be complicated. What is involved in applying for some federal benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance has several stages and each requires many pages of forms to be filed and completed on time. FAITH can help with this, as an accurate and complete application can reduce the time required before benefits are awarded.

F.A.I.T.H. Ministries Thrift Store will sell gently used clothing and household goods to the community. People facing an emergency, or the very low income, may sometimes be given a voucher for free clothing. This service helps low to moderate income families stay afloat financially. They can use their income to pay for food, rent and transportation while shopping for low cost shoes, bed linens, cookware, dishes, toys and furniture.

The ministry is located at 241 W. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande, Arizona 85122-2493. People that are struggling can dial 520-509-0025 for intake.



By Jon McNamara

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