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Several towns, cities, and counties in California have been provided government stimulus funds for housing assistance programs. Berkeley was granted almost $1.4 million in federal homelessness prevention funds. The money can be used to provide rent assistance, help with security deposits, and even utility bill aid. In addition, Oakland was awarded $3.4 million in funds; Alameda County was awarded over $800,000 in housing assistance;  and Alameda received almost $600,000 under HPRP, which is part of the federal government’s Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus plan.

In total, the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, using the government agency of U.S. Housing and Urban Development, distributed over $1.2 billion in aid to more than 400 communities nationwide.

The funds allocated to these Northern California communities will be used to provide help with rent, prevent homelessness, reduce home foreclosures, and to also swiftly re-house families that have lost their homes.

The local housing assistance programs will provide help to both families and individuals who have a sudden financial hardship or emergency. They may be able to receive short-term rent assistance (up to three months) and some may even be eligible for medium-term (up to 18 months) assistance and other services. Find other California assistance programs.

Also, there are other types of aid offered, including help paying security deposits, assistance with utility bills, utility deposits, free hotel and motel vouchers, and moving-cost assistance. Find other rent help. Continue.

The Alameda County Chief of Staff said that Alameda County’s EveryOne Home program will be the leading government agency and will be coordinating with six local resource centers and aid organizations in the county, including Berkeley, to provide help with down payments, rent support, and case management.

The area covered will be extensive. The Berkeley center will help homeless populations and low income people from Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville and Piedmont. A nonprofit organization will also be soon selected to operate the center and distribute housing assistance program grants.






By Jon McNamara

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