California Grants.

Find a listing below of some of the grants that are available in California. While many are issued by the government, usually a local, private non-profit agency will process applications for the programs.

Cal Grants - This is one of the nation’s most effective and generous educational assistance programs, and many studies show that it is the most effective way to get financial aid and cash for college. The state will provide students with financial assistance, that does not need to be repaid, to qualified students. Funds can be used to pay the tuition for a public California college, technical school, or even a private university. Call 888-224-7268

Veteran job training - Most years the California State Employment Development Department provides millions of dollars to veterans to help them find a job, gain new skills, and train for employment. Usually hundreds of veterans of all ages are assisted with moving quickly from military life into civilian careers, and ideally high-wage jobs. The grant program will prepare veterans for careers in a variety of fields and industries. Examples of industries where some jobs are being created include professional, transportation, scientific and technical services; security; and utility and energy sectors, and health care.

In addition to job placement and education, veterans will be able to receive behavioral assistance, mental health, and wrap-around services. This includes information on housing assistance, medical care, transportation and substance abuse. Case managers will also provide job coaching, and case management. The numbers to call are below.

  • If you live in Orange County, call (714) 480-6500.
  • Los Angeles (323) 295-0262
  • San Diego, dial (619) 393-2028
  • San Francisco (415) 252-4788

Seniors, disabled, and elderly may receive rental assistance grants. When funding allows, a small amount of cash assistance is made available to residents in California who are considered most at risk, which includes senior citizens and the disabled. Phone 800.338.0505





The California Endowment - This is offered to non-profits that want to make lasting improvements to the health of disadvantaged Californian residents. The objective of the grant is to expand access to quality, affordable, health care for the low income as well as underserved individuals. Funds can also flow to local communities and cities, and the money will be used to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians.

Food and groceries may be provided as part of the EFAP - Emergency Food Assistance Program. Federal and state government grants are sent to non-profits and regional food pantries, who use the money to buy healthy and affordable food. This government program provides dozens of non-profit organizations and charities with emergency food and funding. The California Department of Social Services runs this program, and they can probably direct families on where to go in their city for free groceries and meals. 916 651-8848

FEMA grants have been sent to the state in the past as part of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Most years Congress authorizes FEMA to disburse cash grants to non-profit agencies in California. The funds will be issued to non-profit agencies that provide food, rental assistance, shelter and other essential services. All government funds will then be issued to the hungry, people facing eviction, and those who are currently homeless. In past years the state has been awarded more than $100 million through the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Local non-profits, such as Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army, will provide the money to families so they can buy food, pay for shelter, rent, mortgage and utility bills. Call your local Catholic Charities or Salvation Army for more information.

First time homebuyers can receive grants, loans, and other forms of assistance from the California Housing Finance Authority. A number of programs and services are available, including low interest, first mortgage and down payment assistance

Applicants can get more information on these and other housing programs by calling CalHFA at 877.922.5432. A number of loan products and counseling is offered. If you receive a loan, the interest rates will vary depending on your income, number of family members as well as financial circumstances. Grants may also pay all lender fees, closing costs and other expenses.

Medical and prescription assistance is offered from California Department of Health Services. The state ensures that Medicare patients will receive discounts and/or grants so that they will never pay more that agreed upon Medi-Cal prices for their prescription drugs. Phone 916-445-4171




By Jon McNamara

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