APS Low Income, Limited Income Program.

Help with paying energy and utility bills

Several assistance programs are offered from APS. If you are struggling in today’s economy, or if you are low or moderate income customer, you may be eligible to receive a monthly discount on your electric bill through the APS Energy Support Program (E-3) or you may be able to qualify for the Medical Care Equipment Program (E-4). Both E-3 and E-4 programs offer participants a discount up to 40 percent on utility bills for customers who meet certain income thresholds. The exact amount of the discount that is offered will vary depending on how much electricity is used each month and the persons income. The third program that APS has available to help low-income individuals and families paying their energy bill is the Bill Assistance Program, which is also run by NACOG. Currently over 60,00 people are in the E-3 program across Arizona. Under this third program, people can qualify for up to $400 in assistance and cash grants a year.

It is a straightforward, fairly simple process to sign up for the E-3 or E-4 program. Anyone who is interested can pick up an application at the local Arizona Department of Economic Security office, food banks or other local community agencies that help low-income residents. In addition, people can also call APS directly at 1-800-253-9405.

Yet another program is Project SHARE (Service to Help Arizonans with Relief on Energy). This is another resource you can turn to for help with paying your energy (gas, electric, oil, wood) bills if you meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant is under age 60 and experiencing special hardships and a crisis.
  • You're over the age 60, living on a fixed income and facing a personal crisis or financial emergency.
  • The applicant is disabled with no source of income.

Another effective program is pick a date. This is something that many senior customers, disabled, and people that live on a fixed income or pension select. Others that receive SSI or that are more moderate income are heavy users of the pick a date.





It allows the customer to select a payment due date (“pick a date”) between the 1st and 28th of the month. Their monthly payment will always be due on that day, or the next business day if that particular date falls on a holiday or weekend. So for those APS customers that say receive one check on a certain day of the month, this allows them to pay their bill after they receive that check. So this makes it very effective when they are trying to time their payments with their income. Note that when you first sign up, your first bill may include fewer (or more) days than anticipated which is a one time event that is due to timing.

Arizona statewide energy programs are available for all residents. Some are specific to APS, and some are provided by the government, non-profits, or other utility companies. Read Arizona utility bill assistance programs.

Referrals to local community action agencies are provided by APS. Your local community action agency, no matter what part of Arizona you live in, is always one of the leading places to go to for help with paying utility, air conditioning, and even water bills. Sometimes they may be able to offer cash grants to provide you with immediate relief, and in other cases they may redirect you towards other resources, like the federal government funded low income energy assistance program (LIHEAP) or weatherization. Get more information on your local community action agency and the various resources that they can provide you both over the short as well as long term.


By Jon McNamara

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