Resources for throat cancer patient

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Resources for throat cancer patient

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I am writing in behalf of a housemate who has just been diagnoses with throat cancer and a spot on upper left lung. It started 2 months ago, with a tooth ache and because John takes blood thinners, there was nothing they could do for dental until his Drs made other arrangements. After some xrays of the mouth area, they found a 4 inch tumor growing all twisted up in the voice box and vocal cords. He had trouble breathing and was hospitalized late last week and in now currently in ICU after an emergency trach was put in so he can breath, while there, they were biopsying the tumor in the throat. It had grown over an inch since the last MRI days before. Drs are planning a long hard road of Chemo & radiation ahead.
Now that you have the info my reason for writing is, the 3 of us split the bills, his income is from SSDI $1400.00 monthly. from the throat cancer diagnosis while he is missing work We each kick in $1,000 per month.....until the world went berserk it went fine and now for the last few months we have been carrying John but its getting impossible for us to do so any longer. We simply can not do and extra $500 per month each and we will NOT turn our backs on John, especially now. I have gone up one side and down the other trying to find a rent subsidy program that will help cover his increased costs.
Apparently my words don't get communicated properly. Before I can even get the full situation out, I get told there is a long wait for housing, he has to call himself (he can no longer speak) there are only so many Section 8, 10 year wait...........none of this is what I'm hoping to help him with. We are looking for a program- if it even exists- that will help pitch in the short fall in his rent. We all take care of each other here, laundry, cooking, house work and all the bills are shared. It has worked perfectly for 3 years, but now, he is buried in worry and the bills keep going up, never mind what Medicare balance he owes.
IS there a program that will help this guy out while he battles throat cancer? He has nothing- shoes and clothes, no family, no car, cant work, lives on SSDI only, there has got to be away to keep a roof over his head at the worst time in his life.
PLEASE if you have any ideas we all welcome the help. We are in Waltham Mass- housing authority was zero help, in fact really rude. Thanks Ann
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