Do programs replace concrete steps at home for the disabled?

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Do programs replace concrete steps at home for the disabled?

Post by MarcoR »

Hello, I am currently disabled and living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was wondering if there is a program that can help replace my concrete steps. My concrete steps are falling apart. They are cracked and chipped with a big slope at the top. I have tripped a few times. I fell twice. I think it was because there is a huge chip on one of the steps. There have been a couple of other people who have fell and almost slipped as well. There's only one railing on one side. There really needs to be a railing on both sides. I have back, hip, knee, and joint problems. Fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, bugling disc, osteoarthritis, etc.
When I am having a flare up, I have to slowly walk up the steps and hold on to the rail. Because the top of the steps are cracked and have a slope, I have almost fell as I walk out of the front door. We got a estimate for $5,000 but the guy said he would probably need to replace the driveway way too because he could crack the driveway while replacing the steps. So he then wanted $15,000. We just need the steps replaced. This was back in November.
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