Need other places for help in Washington Pennsylvania

People looking for general financial assistance.
Also look here for programs on the main NHPB site for local financial help.
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Need other places for help in Washington Pennsylvania

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I was referred to you by a friend. I am experiencing a difficult time in my life currently. I was employed at the Washington County Correctional Facility in Washington, PA for 8 years. I began there as a Correctional Officer and departed as the first female sergeant in the facility’s history. The reason I departed was because I was bullied out of my job. I worked with mostly men and was ridiculed and sabotaged to the point I had to call it quits in June 2023. I took out my pension to help cover costs of catching up bills from a divorce and purchase a vehicle so I would have no payments. I also paid liens on my house and caught up my mortgage, outrageous utility bills, etc. I was just divorced in December 2023. Since then, I was employed at the Washington County School District in November. I worked with the district for 35 hours a week at $15.00.
I’ve had to beg for help from family and friends, and I have exhausted those possibilities for the future.
I have an astronomical electric bill. The electric company says my electric runs $230-$250 a month. There is no way that is possible, as I keep my furnace on 63 degrees in the winter. I also have a mortgage where I am locked in a plan to pay $1693 for a period of a few months to catch up for the months I was unemployed from June to November. I am unable to keep up with my current income. I also recently found that I will owe over $6k in taxes due to an early withdrawal of my pension. My bathroom and plumbing are falling apart in my home. I have a few leaks I cannot afford to have fixed.
I cannot afford typical toiletries or anything trying to keep the payment plan for my mortgage. I don’t know what to do at this point in Washington PA with limited options here. I have become desperate. I am not asking for long-term assistance. I am just looking for someone to please point me in the right direction with what I can provide to apply for any hardship programs. I can provide whatever documents you need. I have not been able to afford my mortgage alone, and I need help until I am able to secure a second job I have applied for. Anything you can do to help, please let me know. If you are unable to assist in any way, please feel free to disregard this letter.
I truly appreciate your help with any assistance or direction.
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