What to do with Hispanic parents taking advantage of

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What to do with Hispanic parents taking advantage of

Post by Hellen »

Good afternoon,
My parents are in their late 80s, on disability, Hispanic, little English, very naive, Christian and they have been taken advantage of so much I had to step in. I visit once a week and when I walked into their house and felt the heat to be at least 80, I knew I had to do something.
They have little money, and their AC is broken. Mom is 86, a Cancer survivor with high blood pressure, heart issues, and legally blind. She gets injections in her eyes every month just to sustain her vision. They are both on Medicare, no other insurance.
Dad can barely walk and can't repair anything. I wish I could help them more but I'm single and very financially limited.
Do you know of a place I can contact so they can get help here with my Hispanic parents? The AC should be the 1st thing.
Maybe you can direct me to a company that can help or an AC company they can trust who won't take advantage of them and give them an affordable plan, at the very least.
Thank you so much for your time.
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Re: What to do with Hispanic parents taking advantage of

Post by Terese »

Good Morning,
My name is Ashley and I am 20 years old. My family and I live in a low incoming housing unit Located in Santa Cruz County and recently my father has been staying with us because he has no where to live as he was taken advantage of by his old landlord who evicted him. In this housing unit there are certain rules we must follow. One being Visitors are not allowed to stay consecutively. Recently somebody reported to the housing manager my dad was living with us so again people are reporting on the Hispanic family even though we are quiet and respectful.
We had a meeting and she explained that if my dad continued to stay with us, we would be evicted. So we had no other option but to tell my dad he cannot stay here. He has no where to go and has been sleeping inside his truck. Many police officers have harassed him saying he cannot park in certain places or he faces going to jail. It breaks my heart not being able to do more for my father.
We are Hispanic and have quite to none family here in the US. My dad is a US citizen. With having no family here he has no back up options of where he can sleep. He has found some rooms for rent in Santa cruz but he cannot afford the First & last month deposit. That’s where I am coming here to reach out for help. My dad has a job but doesn’t make a lot. I don’t want him to keep living in his truck and being taken advantage again like always seems to happen. My dad ust recently turned 57 and it really breaks my heart. Please tell me there’s something you guys can do to help!!
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