What to do for holidays help for Cerebral Palsy

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What to do for holidays help for Cerebral Palsy

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I've been really down & depressed this holiday season! I've been going through a medical issue that's taken a toll on me mentally, physically & financially! I have a special needs son with Cerebral Palsy I care for on my own now along with a granddaughter I'm raising. I have my regular bills & medical piling up, no savings anymore, hardly any food in the house, nobody to help support wise or just to talk to & I care for my elderly parents as much as I can.
My car broke down about 7 months ago and I can't get to the doctor for Cerebral Palsy and can't work to get stuff for the holidays. I've just been praying & hoping for a break, a miracle or for things to turn around & get better. I'm losing hope because it feels like things just keeping get worse & worse. Not too mention Christmas is 2 days away & I have absolutely nothing for the kids & was either too late to apply for help because of not knowing about it or funding ran out. So I ask please, please say a prayer for my family.
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