What for spinal surgery

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What for spinal surgery

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I have been going through health struggles since March. Was put on disability on August 1st due to spinal surgery needs to wait for a spinal procedure because my hands and arms hurt and get numb. I indeed have specific nerve issues in my spine. But after procedure didn't work I went to another specialist who was a neuro and a surgeon. He did some physical tests and he said there was something else wrong and surgery won't fix it. So I got tests and my doctor said they were trying to rule out MS but he wasn't happy with tests and thinks I have it.
I'm devastated beyond belief. I have no family. I
just got my life back together. I'm so emotional. I literally have no where to go if I don't pay my rent. I am not being treated appropriately either by the doctor who is taking care of my spinal surge. I have to wait for Neurologist to do that. So I get to sit and suffer. Ideally I would love to get a job working from home. I have to work. I sold my car because its been four months and needed it to pay my costs. My disability is like 2100 per month. My rent is $2250 plus utilities plus cell phone plus doctor co pays.
I cant move again I'm so tired. I've had the most traumatic several years. I'm going to break. I applied through San Diego 211 and even through my disability doesn't even cover my rent, I make too much per there standards.
What I've learned, our system does not prevent hopelessness. How can someone survive off 60 percent of their income. I can't. I'm so upset about this diagnosis but I can't rest because what happens when i use all the money I got from my car. I'm out on the streets or living in a hooker motel. I can't take having to moving I need rental assistance badly as well as a doctor for the spinal surgery
Hopefully once the Neurologist treats me properly I'll be able to work at least. But I have to have the 2 surgeries on my spine. And MS. I'm terrified I can't move I can't get kicked out. I won't survive anymore trauma.
I want to work more that anything buy I'm not healing because I'm freaking out so bad..
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