National Guard Member money to move

People looking for general financial assistance.
Also look here for programs on the main NHPB site for local financial help.
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National Guard Member money to move

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Good afternoon,
I’m SSG with the Nebraska Army National Guard. My current situation is my wife is attending nursing school in a different city which we currently live in and we have to move to that city. But we own a house and pay mortgage in that city we live in. Our only option is to get an apartment in that new city where she can go to school for her nursing program.
We can not be able to afford paying both the mortgage and rent and car payments and daycare fees throughout those months. We have been trying to sell our home now for the past two months and we need to move in a few weeks. We need financial help as soon as possible. The National Guard salary, when combined with my / our other income is not enough, and even more so when the cost of nursing school is considered. Can you help us? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
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