How can I pay debt when on SSDI

If you need help with paying debt, including credit cards, car loans and medical debt.
Also look here for the main NHPB site and programs that help reduce debt.
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Aaron Martinez
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How can I pay debt when on SSDI

Post by Aaron Martinez »

I found you online- I honestly don't know where to turn for help with my dents, as my needs are not the usual.
I'm 60 and on disability, I get SSDI. I have an upcoming surgery and possibly one more - I am hoping they fix my body and health so I can go back to work.
In the meantime, my SSDI check is barely paying rent, I've been living off my credit cards for 7 years and they have finally maxed out. I have no lease and my building is for sale so at any moment I could be homeless. And lucky me, I make too much to go into low income housing.
I have been living on credit cards and was ok floating and paying the minimum payment-- until the interest rates went up to 29.99%. My minimum payments are now more than double.
I am now paying more out to every month to service debt than I get from SSDI. My checking account today is zero.
And I just used my last bit of credit to put gas in the car to go see my surgeon. This is so bad. I need my surgery.
I'm behind on the last copay which was 250 for an MRI... and I am drowning.
I owe 30k..and the anxiety is keeping me up at night. I haven't slept a full night in weeks.
How will I get my surgery ? What about rehab copays? I just can't do this alone.
And I have no one to help me. No one.
Ironically I know church people, who have money in the bank, but they do not help me with my credit card debts while I rely on SSDI. They just tell me they will "pray for me."
I know I can work again once I fix my neck (I'm in constant pain)... so I'm willing to pay it back.
Please can you help me find someone who will help me pay down even just a portion of this debt?
And no- this is not from shopping this debt is from living. I get those snide remarks.
I'm at the end of what I can handle. I can't even seek mental health help as I cannot afford the copay.
Thank you,
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Re: How can I pay debt when on SSDI

Post by Juker »

Good afternoon my name is Bobby and I am trying to get a hold of someone who can help me pay off some debts. I was living with my mom and she passed away and she was on section 8 and she did not put me on it before she passed away. The house we was living in the landlord is not letting me stay in it due to the fact that I was not on the lease.
He took it to court and the case was dismissed due to the fact that I was not on the lease with my mom but, he doesn't want me here and I have to leave this week unless I can pay the debt due. If not I was hoping I could get some help in getting me a hotel until the first of the month when my check comes for my SSDI. I have put in a application for a apartment and I am waiting for them to call me back the rent is $680 and the deposit is $400 in which I get $794 a month in SSDI I am just trying to get a hotel room or pay off the debt until then instead of me being in the streets. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Bobby.
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