FedEx that is trying to fix my truck and need help

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FedEx that is trying to fix my truck and need help

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Hello My name is Kelly. I am a widow I'm 49-year-old single woman has some minor, well maybe major health issues that's trying to keep my job with FedEx as a contractor. My truck is down due to a drunk driver hitting me that had no insurance. Since I am a contractor Fed Ex does not cover it. Plus I had an incident where I was in the hospital so I took leave from work in order to keep my job.
I need to have my truck fully repaired and I have no money at this point. I get food stamps from the government assistance programs - of course snap. Other than that I have no money now and I'm homeless and I live in my vehicle when I am not working for FedEx. I have no family to speak out here in Arizona where I live to ask for help so I'm on my own. I read the program today that you have online. So I was wondering what kind of help you offer to get my vehicle fixed for work?
have a list of issues with it. So I can get my job back so I can try to get back into housing. If you could possibly contact me or send me a list of resources to fix a needed delivery truck I would appreciate it. Thank you sincerely Kelly
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