What can I do as section 8 wait list is 5 years long

The main NHPB site has more information on local rent assistance programs.
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What can I do as section 8 wait list is 5 years long

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Good morning, I am so stressed that I can’t sleep at night. I am homeless, on a fixed income and don’t have a housing voucher or section 8 voucher to help me. I thank God is not that hot yet, however it’s coming. 211 gave me information that I am now a 2-5 year & a 3-5 year waiting list. Which nothing was helpful and I'm trying to stay in a section 8 house in or closely near the Morristown area so I can help my mom out with my grandson.
His dad dipped off with another female who don’t care too much for my grandson that makes my son keep telling lies. My grandson mom is in jail still for crimes she committed. I can’t do so much because I don’t have a home to go to. He said that he would like to live with me however I don’t see that happening anytime soon. His dad and mom has joint custody and when my grandson mother first lost him and his sister, my son could of been filed for full custody but he didn’t. A long story short I need some help with getting something immediately and can't wait 5 years for section 8 homes I don’t have my SUV anymore to get around so I need to be closer.
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