My dentist overcharged me and what to do?

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My dentist overcharged me and what to do?

Post by krystal »

Hello my name is Elaine. I truly need help with a dental bill which I do believe I'm being over bill is $7000 to round it off..$6878?
Without tax too. Please help me get this bill negotiated lower to at least $1,500 or help my pay off the dentist. I asked dentist for a itemized bill they refused, I don't won't to make it so bad or sue them as the dentist is very prominent. Their family owns the whole town literally from the gas station to the grocery store to the doctor's office to all dentist office in the area. Even the streets & town are named after their family so for me to find or get any help.
I definitely will have to go outside of my area to pay the dental bills so please help. I am still currently going to them because he won't finish the work right away until I pay. I do not have a church here and don't know anyone. Your help would be greatly appreciated whether it's anonymously or however it may come I would appreciate it
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