Are there special housing programs for seniors raising kids

The main NHPB site has more information on local rent assistance programs.
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Are there special housing programs for seniors raising kids

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I want to sincerely apologize if this email was sent previously or if it reached the wrong person. I made an error in my initial email regarding the court date, which is actually on January 23rd at 1:15 PM for an eviction case.
I'm a 61 year old senior father raising is 7 year old girl, 5 year old boy and my 4-year-old daughter all my biological children by myself for the last 3 years after their mother abandoned them on me with no help or support financially.
I find myself in a desperate situation with my three children, and if we don't receive housing assistance, we have nowhere else to turn. It is hard being a senior with 3 young kids. I never intended to burden anyone.
I've attached the two-court document to this email, confirming the court date as January 24th, 2024, at 1:15 PM, and a total amount of $3,781.74.
Another legal Papers from the District Court of Maryland in Prince George's County, underinvolving a special proceeding trial scheduled for February 2nd, 2024, at 8:45 am.
I believe they may be using a legal tactic by treating me as a holdover tenant, and even if the balance is paid, they're still seeking an eviction judgment on January 24th.
The management of Apartments, seems determined to evict us no matter the consequences. With two pending court dates, we find ourselves at risk of being left without a place to stay. The situation is particularly challenging because if this eviction proceeds, it will negatively impact my rental history, making it difficult to secure a new place to live or housing for my and my 3 kids.
At this point, we urgently require assistance for a senior taking care of kids. I lack the resources to prevent this eviction on my own.
I am hoping to connect with a compassionate individual or organization who is familiar with resources, housing options, or advocacy that can finally assist us in escaping this situation.
For the past three years, I've been fortunate to receive financial rent relief from sources like ERAP, Social Services, and the Town of Bladensburg. This support has been a lifeline for me and my children. However, the resources and assistance have now dried up, and they are no longer available to us. I've reached the point where I can't rely on them for help any longer.
What makes this situation even more challenging is that every time I received rental assistance, it resulted in me being locked into a lease. Additionally, there was always an outstanding balance that prevented me from regaining my financial stability or considering a move to a more affordable apartment.
In October 2023, I decided not to renew my lease, with the hope of improving my financial situation and clearing my outstanding balance. This was in pursuit of the possibility of relocating to a more budget-friendly apartment.
Regrettably, Management insists that I still owe them additional funds on that balance. As a result, I'm now living here month-to-month with no alternative housing, and the rent has escalated to over $2,000 per month. This leaves me in a vulnerable position, with two court dates and the looming threat of eviction.
I reached out to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for help, including for seniors caring for younger kids. A DHS representative informed me that my income slightly exceeded their income scale. It's worth noting that they consider gross income, not take-home pay. Despite being a 61-year-old father with three young children, many of their services were not available to me unless I met specific criteria like being jobless or homeless.
I am pleading with anyone that reads this letter, if you know anyone, charity, are resources that can help us get out of this situation we will be forever grateful because we are running out of time, and I lack the resources and support.
I'm not attempting to exploit the anyone or system; I'm simply an older father responsible for three young children. I find myself in a challenging situation, striving to find a way to provide for my children and secure an affordable place to raise them.
The involvement of a single individual, organization, or charitable effort can bring about a profound change in our lives.
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