I can't sleep

State and local government assistance programs.
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I can't sleep

Post by Flower1 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:27 pm

First, asked twice. Second request was not recognized tell we were persistent.
How's that? As you know the unit has been re-rented based on your commitment to vacate.
We asked and Said We did not wish to Move......
We have only been here a little over a year, why? With two Children would we want to move after only one year? Kid's get adjusted to this being there home, neighborhood, and make Friends.
You had said you'd give us Great Recommendation, but then Why Would we HAVE to Move?
We told you about my husband's wrongfully termination and injuries at work, and that he has a Lawyer fighting for the wrongfully terminated Case.
And also him getting work men's comp. And that we would not have much Luck getting another place with the income being under 3 times the Rent. We have exhausted any extra money we had save applying for another place, only to be denied. $100 a place, $50 each application!!! Trying to go along with your wishes of wanting us to move.
My husband has now been denied workmen's comp, after a month and a half or so of getting it. Typical for injury cases, 87% of the time in Oregon. Hi lawyer lawyer is appealing, had a meeting with him yesterday and work men's comp rep. And their expediting the appeal, because of the urgency of them seeing the three day vacate notice.
So, in less than 25 days workmen's comp will kick back in, with retro pay as well, because his injuries have been confirmed by two different doctors, that they were in fact work related. Hoping for the best, before finding out he would get a denial, which makes totally sense, (they of course don't want to pay it).
Applied everywhere, now in hindsight realized we should have just been saving to have a big deposit somewhere else.
We have signed up, checked out any housing options. There are none really for us, we fall right in the creaks, unless we want to live in a shelter, which you have to call in daily to qualify, sometimes taking months before they can take you in. We don't want our family living in a shelter, plus by the time we would get accepted, Will be more than fine, cause Jason's going to be getting bear minimum of $180,000 just from the injuries. The wrongfully termination suit, wow, a whole, whole lot more.
We have been so severely stressed over this. We can't sleep or eat.
I had to have an ambulance get me this morning, because of this right side pain I've been experiencing, but ignoring cause I'm too busy cleaning and packing and trying to figure out what to do.
I have and have Never Had Before: / Kidney stones, Severe Kidney infection, and cysts on my kidney and liver!!!!
How the Heck is that Possible :(
So now I'm even more stressed out, because I'm very limited on my ability to do things, cause of the Pain, and the ER Dr. Said No Activities!!!! And the denial of denied workmen's comp adds to the stress.
WHAT????? Now???? Am I Cursed!!!
So, What I'm Asking / Begging of You, is to PLEASE Let Us Stay? Will Pay this month's rent and next month's rent by the 5th and continue to be good residents.....
I Can't Sleep, Hardly can Eat, Very Irritable and just not myself from this stressful situation.... I Really Hope You Can Provide This for Us.
Because that's it, we have nowhere to go.....
I am a Mama bear freaking Out, on the Brink of a Mental Break Down. And I just want to keep my babies from being Homeless.....
THANK YOU Very Much For Taking Your Time to Read This. And I'm Really Hoping and praying that you can do this?

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Re: I can't sleep

Post by March » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:21 pm

I would like to know how I would qualify for rental assistance as well as my other utility bills I have. If you can get back to me as soon as possible as I can't sleep in this hardship. Also please include what I would need to qualify for any of these programs to pay my rent for the year or a portion of it. I live in New York.
Thank you

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