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I was a Salvation Army volunteer

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:11 pm
by Nia Naccidd
My name is Rebecca and I have volunteered for the Salvation Army in Australia. I am writing as there is a lady I have been counselling online in Oregon Washington County who is in immediate crisis. She has physical injuries and is being evicted by her mother in law, her husband died not long ago and she is on disability because of her injuries. She has serious emotional and mental health needs along with physical injuries. It has become urgent that she receives some legal advice and medical assistance. Her name is Donya. She is in Oregon Washington County. This has become urgent as her physical injuries are preventing her from making contact with healthcare providers and her financial situation since her husband has passed
has become dire. Her home address is
Beaverton Oregon 97005
If I did not feel that this was an urgent situation I would have started the ball rolling from my local Australian branch of the Salvation Army and reached out that way.
I don't know what else to do as the phone number that I have given you is also being disconnected by her mother in law in the next 24 hours.
Can you please urgently contact Donya, whether a Salvation Army volunteer or someone else. If anything can be done to assist her please do. This is my email address in Australia and my phone number is here and do not worry about time differences, I am happy to be contacted at any time to provide any help I can. I have some concerns that she may self-harm as she has previously.
Thank you and know I appreciate any assistance very much you can provide,