List of charities to help me catch up

Find charities that can provide help and assistance
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List of charities to help me catch up

Post by Fiatowner » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:24 pm

I have been trying for months to reach out to my local charities. We moved here a year ago and was able to get a home. The story is a long one, but in short, my identity was taken in 2007. Working hard for years, doing all the right things I have found that even those charities are not what they seem. I was in a car accident in February 2014, due to the settlement, I was able to pay off the debt that was placed there by the person or persons, against my beliefs & strong disgust that someone would do this to me I paid them. I had enough to put down on a home, homeless is a horrible thing and I wish it on no one. BUT, 2 months after moving into my home, it started again. My score went from a whopping 656 back down to under 6, and last I checked in the 580’s.
The Catholic charities denied my request for help with electric and water because they don’t help people on disability, after all (she said), I am already on assistance. Contacted an Attorney about Bankruptcy, he did not recommend it because it’s (my debts) are not high enough to put myself into that situation, and the identity theft would once again continue. His suggestion was to go to the Social Security in my area, which I did to inquire about a NEW SSN, he said it wouldn’t help, as my current SSN will still be associated with it. AND, he said they don’t really care about ID Theft, they just track the money we make?????? WOW!! Was I shocked?
I can’t get a loan, a grant or even talk to anyone about my situation. Once I get this taken care of I would be on track. I’ve placed Fraud Alerts on my credit and I have to pay someone to monitor everything.
This is my problem. I need money to “catch up” and from there we can take over and move on. My husband just got his retirement but it won’t start for 2 months—problem. If I pay the mortgage this month, we have no money for food. I get food stamps for 4 of $54.00 a month and 1 trip to the grocery store, or 1 meal, it’s gone? Why $54.00, for a family of 4? I don’t know. But for 3 months we’ve been hungry!! I’m diabetic, my health is not good I have no real nutrition. I have an Autistic son, who is also bi-polar & ADHD. I don’t want sympathy, I just need a little help to either buy the food necessary for my health, or any food for that matter, and or help with my mortgage this month. $988.00. I am grateful for what I do get and thank GOD he’s supplied enough for us. It’s the trying to catch up and then I can move on.
I find people don’t care about other people as much as they do other things, this would may be a better place. I don’t need much to catch up, but we are hungry, BUT I cannot put myself in the position of possibly losing my house of 6 months?
Is there anyone who can help? I have literally tried everything and keep coming up with 0, not even the Catholic charities! Where is the love and compassion? I would take a loan if I could find one, within 30 seconds it’s NO. Please if you could guide me I would be so thankful, even a long term lite loan, paid over time?

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Re: List of charities to help me catch up

Post by Cswindell » Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:02 pm

Good day, I would like to inquiry if it's possible to obtain assistance from your charity organization.
My situation is as follows,
I have a 10 months baby currently receiving orthopedic surgeries, therapy and treatment at the Shriner Hospital for children in LA. She has started since the 18th of April and will take a break on the 4th of March. At this time we are staying at the Ronald Mc Donald house in LA. But will be having a hard time doing so in April since appointment dates have to be within two weeks’ time.
My daughter has a condition which caused deformities to both hands and one foot. She also has brain issue and a series of test have also been requested since a birth she had lung problems which seems to still be causing a problem. She also has a problem with her arm which seems to be stable for now.
Never the less. She has more surgeries schedule in three months intervals since her surgeries are staged. During this time we have to check out of the RMDH until the date of the appointment.
We are from Costa Rica and have come a long way to seek charitable medical help for our daughter which she would never be able to revive in Costa Rica. Is there a list of places for us to try?
My needs would include assistance for partial payment towards an appointment and food and essentials for the baby diaper, baby formula etc. and even clothes would be greatly appreciated.
We are a family of four; my husband, a eight year old daughter, the 12 month old baby doing the surgeries and myself, the mother.
We have tried to lease an appointment but of course we have no qualifications since we are not from here. My husband has managed to obtain a job that only pays $600.00 a week but of course that is not enough.
Please, any assistance from your charity to help me would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to a response from you at your earliest convenience.
I really do hope you can work a miracle for us. It's tough being in a country where we have nowhere to turn or go. Especially struggling with two kids.
Have a pleasant day.
Best regards,

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Re: List of charities to help me catch up

Post by JoshRitter » Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:01 pm

I’m a single mom one who tries to keep up with her bills, was unemployed for about six months. I’m playing catchup, I’m two months behind on my rent totally $1250, so can your charity help me? I would like to be current with my rent but only restarted working my temp job in October 2018. It's very hard playing catchup will all the bills. I just need a little help to put me back on track. Thank you in advance and God continue to bless you and families this Christmas and always.

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