Pail all my bills except property taxes

Find how to get help with taxes, such as property and income taxes.
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Pail all my bills except property taxes

Post by Damon » Sun Sep 29, 2019 2:55 pm

Thank you for your time in listening to me and hopefully finding me the help that I need.
Since 2006 I have been plagued by many heart procedures, heart disease, depression, anxiety, just all in all bad health.
During the last four years I have lost everything ,I have gone without heat, running water, electric, and often go hungry, but I have managed to keep my home.
I fought for 4 years to get disability and finally got it in December which would help me with my property taxes.
I finally got electricity and running water, I still have no heat source but that is not my concern right now.
Dring those four years I was unable to pay my property taxes on my home which I worked hard most of my life to pay for, and now face losing due to back taxes.
3 years ago I sold my vehicle to keep my home off of the tax sale list.
2 years ago I sold my old boat to do the same.
Last year I made pay arrangements to keep it off of the list.
During those years I searched and searched for resources to help but found none.
No one out there is willing to help people like myself fighting to keep my home from being sold right out from under me.
When I begged for help from my treasurers office I was told ( quote ) welcome to America, where its pay your taxes or lose your home (un-quote).
Is this really what America has fallen to ..?? pay your property taxes or go homeless??
Is there no help out there for real estate taxes and properties disabled people struggling to survive?
I was told that I have to have the entire balance due by October 4th or lose my home, no exceptions...
The total I owe is $ 2,884.15 I am on a fixed income making 1,032.00 a month and with the payments I make to the Madison county treasurer each month I still go hungry quite often but I continue to pay, even though I was told that paying my payments won’t save my home unless I give the county the total in full by the date given (oct-4th). I have gone through so much health wise and poverty wise, surviving the elements, facing starvation. I’ve lost my family, my vehicle, my savings, but until now I have been able to at least keep a roof over my head, but now the county is threatening to take it as well, this is B.S. and should be illegal to do. Do I not have rights ????
I am pleading to you ---is there any way to help save my home? Is there funds available to help me? Are there organizations to help save disabled people’s homes who have hit hard times?
If we the people can't turn to our elected officials for help there is surely no property tax help for us Americans.
I don’t have any problem with continuing to pay my taxes monthly until it is paid in full, but the county government will not work with.

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Re: Pail all my bills except property taxes

Post by Hibernation » Sat Jul 25, 2020 5:35 pm

I live in Conway, Faulkner County Arkansas.
I need help paying my property taxes this month as my other bills are paid.
I went into my apartment office to advise I had my utilities turned back on.
But, I need an extension to pay property taxes.  Today received notice to pay taxes by 5th, or foreclosure procedures will begin on 6th.
I have to pay a$10.00 late fee each day after the third.
Is there an application online to fill out?

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Re: Pail all my bills except property taxes

Post by Admin » Wed May 05, 2021 12:52 pm

Maybe the best thing to do is content your property taxes. As it is VERY rare to get financial help. The appeal process is kind of straight forward, but we have tips and suggestions, including examples of property tax appeal letters.

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