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Impending tax sale

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:22 pm
by Lolli
Good Afternoon,
I am writing to every agency I can find that I think I might be able to help. I have a notice that my home will go up for tax sale on 9/22/15 if I don't pay $4739.37 in back taxes.
I have lived in my home for 16 years and I don't want to lose it over $4800. 99% of the agencies I have spoken with think this is a ridiculous thing to be happening to me.
Please help me or let me know where I can get help. I am single, disabled and have 2 young teen age children.

Re: Impending tax sale

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:25 pm
by Howard1
I have been all over these pages since Lite-Up Texas went away. I need utility help and money to prevent my home from being sold due to taxes. I have searched and searched and have come up with NOTHING. There is nothing here to help me. The phone number on this page ... tion_.html
(877) 399-8939 has been busy since August! I need help with my electric bill. I am about to freeze to death! Do you have ONE agency that will help me? Do you have one working phone number? My heater is set on 60* and I am afraid that I will not be able to pay that and still come up with the $500.00 in property tax since Marlin, Texas went up 40% on the land taxes (with my exemptions) and my water bill for me alone is almost $100.00 a month. If I do not pay these bills I will lose my house.
Thank you,

Re: Impending tax sale

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:16 pm
by fujicat2
Need help with finding a home as losing my current one to a tax sale I am disabled and being evicted from my home. I have a 11 year old son.
I live with the father of my son, and he works. But the landlord is a slum lord and won't fix nothing.
My boyfriend got hurt at work so got behind of my bills including rent. It’s been late about 3 times. We always pay our rent no later than the 11th. I am disabled and there are roaches. He won't spray and also slandered me to his other tenant.