Employment for Habitat for Humanity homeowner

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Employment for Habitat for Humanity homeowner

Post by Androsemom » Tue Apr 13, 2021 11:44 am

It was such a blessing when I was one of the ones that was chosen and
Accepted to have a habitat home built for me, but now I need employment. I'm a single mom, and my four Children.  We all help build our Habitat for Humanity home from ground up.
It was one of the greatest gifts God has given to me and my children.  I Love this home and I Thank God every day for my habitat home. I have been in
Our home from 20016 to present.
I then came face to face with hardship in 2019 when I last my job, so I Decided to keep children and also attended school to get my CDA. I did Receive my CDA but I also struggled with not having an enough children to Keep, which made me not having enough money to pay my mortgage.

Whatever I made a week from my past employment I would send it to Habitat and I was already behind Then.  I never got a chance to get my license for keeping more than two Children in the home.  So then I went to plan B.  I would baby sit one or Two kids when I wasn't working. I received a job offer March of 2020 Working for the shepherd center as a front desk switchboard operator.

Worked on this job to November 12th 2020 it was an on call position, but at Times they kept me pretty busy which was a blessing in my case.  It has Been a very long hardship for me. After losing my job I was blessed enough
To receive unemployment were I could pay something on my mortgage for the Habitat for Humanity house, sometimes
It will be a choice of mortgage, lights. Water, paying the children's dues Uniforms, this was on going until even now. It has never been hard for me To find a job in my field ever before, until this economy Has come and raped us with our worth.  I never thought I would ever have to Ask my children to help me.
I'm up every morning, like right now.  This Comes from my dedication and being a concern for my children's well being As well as my own. Last year my lender Bob Boyd recommend that I try Home Safe Georgia.
I did and thank God they accepted me in the two year program.
I am a driven responsible mother that wants my children to have the things They need. With this continued hardship it hurts me more because I still Haven’t found employment.
Because when I started this program I wanted to Be working.  I worked part time positions here and there but nothing Consistent as of yet.  This year 2018 will be the last year in August when
The program ends for me, and I wanted to be working the whole time so I Would be able to pay my principle on my mortgage, with me not able to find Employment in my situation, I feel that I may have defeated the purpose of This program.  I don't want to not have a home in my older age its
Hurtful. And he sent been a day that has gone by with me thanking God for
This blessing with home safe Georgia. But what am I going to do about
Paying back my principle on the home. I am trying so hard to find Employment. I just recently finish my school courses for Interior Decorating, so I did receive a Diploma.
I will keep the faith, but I do think about when my time ends in August of
2021. I pray to God that I will have a job way be for then.  I have the Attitude as an achiever so employment is meant for me.
When your children ask you mommy why can’t you Find a job that hurts it’s never been so hard. It will be so embarrassing Because my mortgage with Habitat is not much of what other people are Paying on their homes.  This is a blessing to have this home, I would even Be able to handle this home payment when I retire.  I think ahead and I see How hard it is for some senior citizens are trying to find affordable Housing.
Please call me or E-mail me with some answers, with me having a high school Student and wanting him to go to college. I want their life to be right and I want to have a home and not be going through this long suffering of Hardship.  I would love to hear some advice. This Habitat home is the
Greatest gift for me and my family ever, and I want to keep this History in This family, it’s our home.

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