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Narcolepsy employment

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:35 pm
by Southwest
I work a full time job that I like. I have narcolepsy so working a full time job’s an accomplishment. I’ve seen my pay stay the same and everything else going up. I can't afford all my bills. I feel like I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul. I live alone and my family are long distance.
My financial stress has been torturous. Its miserable to pass up food for 3 days so you can put gas in your car. To be able to pay rent and car payment, I always have to sacrifice elsewhere due to my Narcolepsy and lack of employment. I could only give my land lord half rent until I get paid again. My health co pays and prescriptions are expensive for the Narcolepsy and I hope a job with insurance covers that. I was seeing a therapist for anxiety but when the money isn’t there its hard to justify even going to the doctor.