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Background check showed unpaid warrants

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:53 pm
by Cuban1
Good Morning, My name is Cristina . I am currently not working and need to pay for legal for the background check. My fiancé works at a Mobile car wash, so his hours vary greatly thru out the year, especially during the winter months.
Late August I finally got hired by Fuison Contact Centers, LLC. At first, since my fiancé wasn't working because of the weather,  he would care for our 2 toddlers. As time went by, he was having to stay home even though this boss would call him in. We tried hiring a person from church to babysit our girls, but, she only wished to babysit when she desired to do so, and would call 3 or 4 hours into the work day to have one of pick up our children. Since we were ineligible for TANF assistance, I was not eligible for Children's cabinet daycare costs. I got sick from a co-worker who was not allowed to go home for illness. I was sick for 3 weeks straight, my kids caught it from me, my husband would get it,  we all suffered thru it, then, it would cycle thru the whole family again....suffice to say, they accepted my resignation.
I reapplied with Fusion in March the following year, was hired on, but, a gain, a co-worker who had strep throat was told she had to stay. A hug, that’s it....and I got it. I spent 2 weeks trying to work, hardly able to speak, feverish, coughing up so much phlegm that I would gag and vomit into my cubicle trashing. I finally had to go to the Dr's office because I would get severely dizzy, normally after suffering thru  a coughing fit. I couldn't even drive. The company has no ill day accrual, nor do they have a set sick leave policy.
If you got sick you called in and left a message. The management did not approve of me not immediately bring them a Drs note, but I couldn't drive, I was in no condition to do so, and since my toddlers caught the same virus, they weren’t in any condition to be out with me, so I could get them the note. I went back to the Dr a week later much improved having rested well. I was given a write up, even though I had the appropriate and requested documentation. So, I listened to my friend that worked in the call center on the third floor, David's Bridal. I had two AWESOME INTERVIEWS, both the call center manager AND the corporate HR Manager were delighted and offered me the position. I had filled out all the New Employee paperwork, and  even got me schedule....I had just gotten over the strep throat, my fiancé had to work or he would have lost his job. My girls were still sick, no babysitter, so I had to stay home etc. The HR manager called me to find out why I was calling out sick the past few days, being very aggressive. Since I was expecting another write up. I explained that I had been looking for and applying to different companies and had gotten hired at David’s Bridal.  He hung up.
Two days later, Natalie, the Company's HR Manager, called me stating that the offer of employment was rescinded. My background check did not pass. She saw 3 active warrants for Failure to Appears, and the last tickets showed up as misdemeanors. I had no idea why. My copy of the background check showed me the warrants and ticket. She did say I would be more than hired if, soon, I was able to resolve the tickets and warrants. I called the courthouse wanting to know why the reason of the warrants and if I could pay by phone. 2 years prior, I had gone on the bus, with my youngest daughter, back to California to resolve this same problem. There was no Failed to Appear warrant. at that time. The Judge rescheduled my hearing, but because me fiancé had been threatened with losing his job, I couldn't stay. Since I didn't show up to the next hearing date, the warrants had been activated. Since I had no job we were and have been struggling to stay afloat. I couldn’t go to California to resolve this issue because we were struggling a lot, financially. But, for me to stop struggling financially, I need to make a decent wage, and most of companies who pay a decent wage require a 7-10 year background check, which I don’t pass due to the warrants.
I was offered another job, at a different company, offering me $16.50/ hr., but since I had been honest with the recruiter about the warrants and tickets, he told me that there might be a problem. He gave me a 50/50chance of being hired. If I were to go and take care of the tickets and get the warrants removed, again, I would be hired immediately. Since minimum wage jobs would have me paying more for the daycare that I would make at work, I haven't been able to find an employer who would offer a decent wage AND who can overlook the problem until I can save up enough to go and get it done......with the cooler season just around the corner, I am between a rock and a hard place.
Welfare won’t cover the expense to pay off the warrant or a new background check, neither will Community Services Agency. Even if I were to apply and receive TANF, the amount would still not be enough to cover the rent, bills, etc., etc. I need to get the tickets and warrants taken care of asap, I have my own vehicle, in good repair, able to make the trip and back and then some. 
I get SNAP, so I wouldn't have to worry about food, and my sister in law would put us up once we got there, so no hotel costs. But, we need help with the gas expense. We figured the tank can hold 18 gallons, and gets 20miles per gallon highway....its roughly 249 miles to San Bernardino city, where the courthouse is, a full tank would go for 360 miles. We figured one full tank going, one full tank coming home, and 1/4 a tank for driving to and from the courthouse. A full tank costs about $45.00, 1 quart is about $12.00, two full tanks and a quart would be about $102.00. Since I have no idea which agency, or resource, or church etc. might be a fit, I thought, if I lay the issue out for you, you might be able to match us to one.
I Thank you in advance and regardless if you can assist or not. It is quite the encyclopedic length message I have sent. So, again, Thank you for your time.