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New baby then work hours cut

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:41 am
by Hunter
Hi, My husband and I are in an emergent situation and are in need of help after a new baby and his issues at work. We just had a baby at the end of April and during that time, my husband had his hours cut at work. Also, right after having the baby, my unemployment ran out. I have no job and we only have one car, so getting a job will be difficult. On top of all this, our rent is due and even if we got a $200 payday loan, it still wouldn't be enough to see us through until our next pay day. So as you can see, we really need help with job so we can support our new costly baby. We contacted welfare and they said that we don't qualify for emergency support through them because we make too much money. (Which is ironic since we don't make enough to pay our bills and live on from one pay to the next.) We really have nowhere else to turn. I'm begging you for any and all help since the work hours were cut. You can reach me by phone. Thank you in advance for your help.