Want an income so can pay child support due

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Want an income so can pay child support due

Post by Carrant » Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:04 pm

Good Morning!
I'm seeking help for my son who is incarcerated at the Lehigh Valley correctional center.
He need an income for child support, he's asking me for help...we're talking and praying together for the lord to help him with a job and housing so he can continue to support his family and pay child support. The problem is I don't have the resources to lead him to the right path. When Gerardo is released he will go to the streets because he doesn't have a place to go nor a job because nobody will hire him. He needs encouragement and directions in how to take his first move to accomplished the necessary actions to better himself, I support him with my divine love talking and praying with him.
I also would like to know if he can get someone from the fellowship to visit him. He feels alone loosing hope, I'm all he has and my daughter who's 19 and still leaving at home, I have a very small apartment where I'm not allow to have anyone else living with and there is no public transportation in my area so I'm Unable to help with housing.
I think it will help for the fellowship to visit them for encouragement, help them find work and give prayers.
Please! Help my son to find the lord, get a job and to become a new man.
It hurts to see him there with no hope of ever getting out of this situation that his's been fighting for quite a while.

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Re: Want an income so can pay child support due

Post by Pardone » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:02 pm

Hi, My name is Deborah winters and I need an income to pay child support as it will be help with my rent for December. I was in a car accident on October 15 and lost my job because of it. I applied for unemployment, but they denied me and said I may not have been able to work so the child support is due. I didn't apply for it until I was able to work on 10/29/2020 but now I must wait for the appeals process. In the meantime, in going to lose my place to live if I can't come up with the $480 for December rent and get an income for my future bills. Please let me know if you have any funding or resources available to help me get an income or pay my child support. I've tried the states snap program, but I don’t qualify because my daughter doesn't live with me full time and I just don't know what to do

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