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No one helps us

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:22 pm
by Lumineers1
I found your page searching for "HELP" and yes it covers probably 99 % of everything that I need help with, the problem is I don't know if you have ever tried going for help to these organizations.  They DON'T help... I have tried on every angle. My story is a bit lengthy but getting any type of help is just not happening.
I'm 56 in January. Cancer/Radiation and now the damages from it. No pre-care. Then arrogantly ignoring all the after care. I went to work falling over from the damn radiation. A job that would not even provide me light duty while going through this. Now I have specific long tern side effects and damages that NO doctor in this town wants anything to do with, first because it is basically welfare insurance and it doesn't matter whether the problems are from radiation or not, these doctors ignore it.
Wich in turn is throwing a monkey wrench into any help with disability, but... I have MAWD insurance and FMLA because I have disability, hum but again, I must keep killing myself working and being mandated overtime with no proper quality health care, haven’t got a clue how to even approach SSD due to the lack of doctor care and concern in diagnosing correctly, treating properly or even with documenting anything correctly.
Then I have this 4-bedroom house that I have had for 18 years that I can't get any help with. As in bills, cleaning it out to possibly move, even cleaning it.  A mortgage that keeps going up due to taxes and other crap, but you can't get help with SSD working but I must kill myself working so I don't lose what I have and be out in the street with nothing.
I can't take the cold due to the radiation, but my heat is on like 68 and my house is freezing and keeping me physically ill all winter. There is so much more but it doesn't matter. NO ONE HELPS, I don't care who I go to. I can't afford an attorney and I can't get one. I can't make these doctors diagnose, treat or document anything. I can't quit busting my * in a factory every day or I lose everything I have. I have a school loan that somehow went from $0.00 payment due to income to $80.00 a month because I got a dollar raise. big deal it went right in the house payment cause of the bogus tax increase.  I would love to make a living from home and not be so beat to death every day, just like the health advocate that did nothing for me.
While she's does her "at home job" being paid decent money. The amount of money that all these organization take in from donations, state and federal government etc. and I'm literally headed for an early grave because they do NOT provide help. So please with all due respect. You have knowledge of all these HELPING HANDS... then you help me get help.