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Lost my child

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:46 pm
by JoshRitter
I cannot find anyone to help me.   I tragically lost my only child as a single mother, I suffered a nervous breakdown and was evicted from my home and lost most of its contents, I lost my business and all of its contents. I had my car reposed, my boyfriend and daughter left me, I was physically sick dropping from 130pbs to 80lbs, homeless with not a single penny to my name, no credit, no assets nothing. I was in a near fatal car accident breaking almost every bone in my body, suffered traumatic brain injury and during the process of they discovered the illness I had been suffering from was from 2 forms of cancer.    I applied for disability over a year ago, I applied for SSI and got a few payments then receive a letter it was terminated, the only thing I must live on is SNAP.   I need physical therapy and other rehabilitation 3-4 days per week. I need psychiatric treatment and counseling weekly for getting over the lose of my kid. I have 3-4 doctors’ appointments weekly, I have chronic pain from my broken back, neck, spine, clavicle, should bones and pelvic bones. I have brain damage, I have neuralgia, severe headaches, limited mobility and severe mental disabilities PTSD and issues from the excessive agnathia in 4 months. I had multiple cancer surgeries and I am chronically sick and in pain.   I have memory issues and cannot remember which drawers my few belongings are in.    I need supplements and therapy and I have no help.   I have no one to turn to I am single never married and I am in bankruptcy with over $300K in medical bill debt.   I don't know where to turn.   I have no reason to be alive now that I lost my child, no one cares about me and I have no help.   My doctors don't understand how I am not getting disability and benefits.   I go weeks without toothpaste and soap and am in dire need of help.   Where do I turn.  
I live in Charleston County SC
Mt Pleasant SC 29464
I am attaching a letter and things someone helped me write and some medical dates all of which can be proved with medical records.  
I cannot navigate through on line help I need help desperately.