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Will be a financial caregiver

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:26 pm
by TMobileuser
I am about to take over as the financial caregiver person for my disabled step-daughter. Her father died about a year ago and her mother can no longer do the job. Kendra receives about $850/month in disability payments. Her mother and I recently bought her a small trailer to live in so she would have a permanent place to live, even when she is hospitalized. She used to lose her apartment every time she was hospitalized. But she needs help paying the about $550 housing costs (space rent and utilities) each month.   This is a long-term thing, as she will always be disabled.   I read about the section 8 vouchers, but also read that there is a huge waiting list. We don’t have the luxury of waiting so long. Maybe there is something Kendra can get on in the meantime? I need to get information about financial caregiver programs out there that will enable me to help her.