My income ended from FMLA

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My income ended from FMLA

Post by Solazola » Wed May 01, 2019 5:35 pm

Hello how are you? I'm sorry to bother you I know I had reached out to this email address before but I was again referred to you to try to contact the Montgomery County Office or a Bucks County office if you have one. I've been through every resource possible that was provided to me.
I'm 32 years old and I live in Warminster with my four and six year old. About eight months ago my FMLA ran out because my father was in the ICU fighting for his life and I had to be there so I ran out of income and it voided my cap rate agreement through PECO because I couldn't make the payment. They turn me off and I got charged extra services charges and the bill went back to the full amount for the year my total bill was $7,000.
My son's doctor wrote a note to try to get it back on they denied it my therapist write a note and they denied it they said it had to be paid in full before they would restore our service. For the past 6 months since FMLA ended we have been staying with different friends and someone donated a small generator that we get to use a fan on for the children. I contacted the state representative and I have spoken with call murt and Bernie O'Neill office. He has tried to help me tremendously there was two churches who had donated $200 and then my son's father paid 2500. My son's grandparents donated 1000 and I was able to get a part-time job and make weekly payments as much as I could from $7,000 we have got the bill down to $559 in the past six months.
State representative reached out to the Bucks County opportunity Council and a lady spoke with me and told her that as long as we got everything paid off but the 500 they can assist us with the 500 to get our electric turned back on. Last week the doctor send a note again for my child with how hot it's been in PECO denied it again. On Friday I got my paycheck and I paid 320 and today I contacted the lady from the opportunity Council and she said that Unfortunately they are now exhausted from funds. Me and my family are so disappointed and so hurt because we just want to be back home together as a family with our electric.
It really hurt us that she had exhausted funds because we were under the impression from everyone helping us that she had said do everything you can but the 500 and we will help you and that's exactly what we did and I know it took a month or two because we have been in contact. We used every piece of income we could to get it down to the remaining five hundred but they cannot help now. I was given a referral to contact you guys from from Bernie O'Neill's office to see if you know of any other further assistance that could help us because of the children it's been a long road and we've been doing everything we possibly can.
If there is any further guidance or assistance that you can provide to us please contact me at your earliest convenience we would truly appreciate it. I'm at the end of the road with the situation since that FMLA income stopped from my employer. I asked them if they would even put me on a payment arrangement for the 500 just to get me turned back on but they said it has to be paid in full. Once again I'm sorry to bother you but I just contacted them to let them know what was going on again and they said that this is probably the last resort to try. Tank you so much for taking the time to read my email and please if you can get back to me at your earliest convenience I'd appreciate it. God bless.

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Re: My income ended from FMLA

Post by Rick » Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:17 pm

I was wanting to know what programs are available for assistance with financial aid for my family in addition to FMLA which ended for us. We have had a lot of traumatic experience since my husband worked in November 2017. Currently I have waiting on disability as well as for himself now that are FMLA income stopped. He was recently pinned under the car for work and has some extensive medical issues, and that is when FMLA started but then stopped. Just to name a few 14 breaks in the pelvis, 6 broken ribs, right lung collapsed, 3rd degree burns all around the torso, clavicle sever aged, MRSA and currently is paraplegic. My son is Still in school and just turned 18.
We have had strains of horrible life factors. Please respond to this email. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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