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Mass water and heating

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:46 pm
by TimMac
My grandmother is a senior citzen and she need seriously help paying her utility and heating bill in Massachusetts. Ther are no organization in the Boston area who are willing to help because its so high. the water company allow a senior citzen water bill to reach 2,502 without cutting it off intill she can pay a little bit at a time on it. So can you please help her with water and heating.

Re: Mass water and heating

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:51 pm
by Admin
There are several agencies to contact in the Boston Massachusetts area. First and foremost, try the Action for Boston Community Development, which has offices around the area but are headquartered downtown. Phone is 617-348-6000. They offer access to many energy bill type assistance programs, including cash grants, heating and cooling system repairs and replacements program, weatherization, and fuel assistance. They also have partnerships with other local Boston area charity and non-profit organizations. They can ever refer people to the various LIHEAP and government energy programs. Here is more info and details. ... e_pr1.html