Disabled and can't work

State and local government assistance programs.
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Disabled and can't work

Postby Nikki P » Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:20 pm

I'm 43 years old with many mental health problems and I cannot afford to go to a doctor. Let me explain=I became disabled September 2016 and hasn't been able to work at all. I've raised my 12 year old grandson from birth and was receiving Medicaid which took care of my doctors and medications. My TANF ran out and I had no way to pay my bills. My daughter and grand baby was living in a shelter in Abilene so I got the HUD housing to let them move in to help me. Being how my daughter is my grandsons biological mother-the state took my Medicaid away and left me with nothing. No doctor no medications (and I need them) I do get 324$ a month in BACK child support but I'm not eligible for indigent care or any other kind of care???
I've tried everything, everyplace and can't get the help I Need. I'm in pain all day every day, depressed horribly bad, plus all my disabilities that I have. I have serious mental health problems that i can't overcome. I've been waiting to see a judge for SSI for almost a year now. I'm at my Witt's end. Please help.
My 12 year old grandson is MY BOY. He needs clothes, shoes and school supplies and I just don't have the funds. Any info you could possibly give me to help me and my boy would be very much appreciated (my daughter is never home and don't help me with her biological son at all, which is fine, he calls me Mom anyway. Sorry to vent all my frustrations on you but I've sent letters just like this to a lot people and still can't get no help. I'm bout ready to give up.

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Re: Disabled and can't work

Postby Admin » Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:14 am

That is a lot of needs for your boy. Try our general link of https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/htm ... stanc.html for help. Then search the site for clothes, school supplies, and other services.

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